Just over a couple of days ago, we presented you the stock apps from the HTC U11. While there were many stock apps that got ported to other devices, one among them was special – the HTC U11 Music App. The music app is extracted from the latest version of HTC UI, the Sense 9. The Music app is so good that it can give a tough competition to any other music apps out there. Read ahead to know more about the HTC U11 Stock Music Player.

For All Devices

This app works perfectly fine on ALL Android Devices.

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Here are a few screenshots of the HTC U11 Music Player in action, to get you excited:

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This app has been tested on Android 6.0 and above, so far. But you can still download this and give it a go! Let us know if it works.
  • Before installing any app on your device, make sure Settings > Security > Unknown Sources is enabled for a smooth installation.
  • Android 6.0 or higher.

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Download HTC U11 Music Player for Any Android Device:

There are two files. One for the Music Player and the other for the widget. Please click below to download them:

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Install HTC U11 Music Player:

Once you have successfully downloaded all the APKs, open a file manager of your choice and navigate to the downloaded apps. Tap on the APK file to begin the installations and press ‘Done’ when it finishes.

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  • vercarsen

    thank you. I miss the “FOLDERS” option in the player. And the widget 4*2 or 4*4. it is a good player though

    • It is, indeed!

      • Jay

        Thanks a lot bro! Only one file download with the link and it opened the player. How do I get the widget?

        • Added the link for the widget, Jay. You can download it now. I missed it, I guess. Thanks for the heads up bro, cheers!

          • Jay

            I have the HTC U11. The player and widget both work fine. I can’t get the widget to expand beyond the set size of 4×1 to 5×1 to fit my screen though. Anyhow, beggars can’t be choosy right.. Thanks so much for your efforts. Take care bro.

      • Jay

        Hey bro I’m so appreciative of you adding this music player. It has and always rocks. How do I get the widget though? I’m only getting the app/player file when I download using the provided link.

  • PietroPezzo

    The application works also on HTC 10 Nougat july patch