Download the complete collection of Samsung Android Oreo Stock Apps extracted from the latest Galaxy S8 Oreo Beta update. The Android Oreo update for Samsung devices has been a long time coming. Samsung finally rolled out Android Oreo update to the Samsung Galaxy S8, yesterday, through a beta program. The update comes with a lot of new features, performance improvement, and bug fixes. The picture-in-picture mode and Auto-fill API are some of the most notable Android Oreo features.

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As soon as the developers get their hands on the new update, they start messing with the new software to see if they can get any new stuff out of the latest build. Well, one member of the XDA Forum, gigative, did just that! He has extracted all the Android Oreo Samsung Stock Apps apps. That’s right, they’re all Samsung Experience 9.0 Stock Apps extracted from the latest Android Oreo update for the Galaxy S8!

Android Oreo Samsung Stock Apps

We now have a total of 31 Apps which were extracted from the Android Oreo update for the Samsung Galaxy S8. The list of apps includes Camera, Gallery, Email, Calendar, Calculator, Clock and much more. Whether we need root to install them or not is still unclear. But according to the developer/uploader, these apps should work fine on Samsung Nougat devices as well.

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Download Samsung Android Oreo Stock Apps

You can download the complete collection of Samsung Oreo Apps by clicking below:

If you wish to download the apps one by one, here they are:

  1. Apps edge 3.3.13.apk
  2. Bixby Global Action
  3. Bixby Home
  4. Bixby Service
  5. Bixby Vision
  6. Bixby Voice
  7. Bixby Voice wake-up .0.11.4.apk
  8. Calculator
  9. Calendar
  10. Camera 7.5.62.apk [Stickers Not Working]
  11. Clock
  12. Device maintenance
  13. Device security 5.0.41.apk
  14. Edge screen
  15. Email
  16. Galaxy Apps
  17. Gallery
  18. My Files
  19. Record screen 2.1.37.apk
  20. Reminder
  21. Samsung Internet
  22. Samsung Notes
  23. TouchWiz home
  24. Video Player
  25. Video
  26. Voice Recorder
  27. Wallpapers
  28. Weather
  29. Weather Forecast

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