How to add widgets in Android?

There are thousands of widgets for *any* purpose on android. You can display things like the weather, the current time or time in a different place, your remaining phone storage space, favorite contacts, emails, etc. on your Homescreen. You can add a Google search widget and search right from your Homescreen without even having to open your browser or Google app. It’s amazing what these little things can do!
Now let us see how to add a simple weather widget to your home screen in Android.


  • I have used ‘Nova Launcher’ (which I absolutely love!) and ‘AccuWeather’app to demonstrate this. You can download theme from playstore from download section below.
  • The procedure will be almost (or totally) similar in any other launcher, although, keep in mind that there may be a few minor variations sometimes. That said, I highly recommend using Nova launcher as it offer extreme customization options. It is free to download from Google Playstore.
  • Also, you can use any weather app of your choice.

Necessary Downloads:

Nova Launcher:

Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher
Price: Free

AccuWeather Widget:

How to add widgets in Android?

Step 1: Long press on the empty area of your launcher home screen. A menu similar to the one below should appear:

Step 2: Now click on the ‘Widget’ button at the bottom center. You will be presented with all the available widgets in your phone, similar to what is shown below:

Step 3: Scroll till you see your desired widget. In my case, it’s right there at the top. Long press on the widget which you want to add to home screen. You will be taken to your home screen as shown below:
Now place it where you want it and voila! We are done! Now, your home screen should look like this:

You can use the same procedure to add ANY widget your Homescreen!

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