How to Change Lock Screen Wallpaper in Android?

It is always good to have a few variations in your gadgets. For example, having two different wallpapers for Home and lock screen. Unfortunately, the ability to set different images as wallpapers for Home and lock screen has only been introduced in Android 7.0 (Nougat) and up.
Although, do keep in mind that in older android versions, even though Android did not support this feature – some manufacturers, like Samsung, has baked in the support to achieve the same. Unfortunately, some manufacturers, like Motorola, do not do that. Motorola devices ship with near stock Android. So, the users are left high and dry.
In this tutorial, we are not going to discuss about the devices shipping with Android N and up but the other cases. If you want to read about how to set lock screen wallpaper in Android N devices head to the below link and follow the steps.

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Now, let us come to the case in point. How to set a different wallpaper as lock screen wallpaper in older (Pre-Android N) devices. The solution is Third Party Lock screen apps.


Necessary Downloads:

Note: For the purpose of this tutorial, I have used an app called ‘Next Lock Screen’ by Microsoft (which you can download from by clicking below). Install the app before proceeding with the tutorial.
Next Lock Screen
Next Lock Screen
Price: Free

Changing lock screen wallpaper:

Step 1: After installation, upon opening the app – you are presented with the following screen:
How to Change Lock Screen Wallpaper in Android
Step 2: Follow the instructions given by the app (which are pretty simple) and complete the setup process. You should see a screen similar to this:
How to Change Lock Screen Wallpaper in Android
Step 3: Press the ‘Get Started’ button and you are set. The lock screen will now look like this:
How to Change Lock Screen Wallpaper in Android
Step 4: Now, to change the wallpaper in the lock screen as per your taste – open the app from the app drawer. You will be welcomed with the following screen:
How to Change Lock Screen Wallpaper in Android
Step 5: Select the ‘Set wallpaper’ option from the list. You will be in the below screen now:
Step 6: Select the ‘Custom’ box and choose any wallpaper you have saved on your device and you are good to go! Good job!
How to Change Lock Screen Wallpaper in Android
Note that there are thousands of lock screen replacements available for android, each providing a different flavor to its users. Some even provide theming options. The setup process will mostly be similar to what I have explained above.

Should you encounter any trouble – please do leave a comment below or get in touch with me through the details in the contact us page. I will be more than happy to help you.

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