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If you have been looking for a dark facebook app for Android, here we have it for you. Download dark Facebook APK and Dark Messenger APK for your Android. Facebook is probably the most used app on their phone for many users. It is, in my phone. Facebook recently even announced that they have over 1 Billion active users every day. Can you imagine that? More than one-sixth of the whole world is using this app.


2018-02-20 12:36:48 AM | Latest version of the Dark Facebook APK and Dark Facebook Messenger APK are added

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But, don’t you think that it’s a shame that you cannot apply themes to this app that we use multiple times every day? It is. Let’s face it, Facebook is a great platform but it’s app absolutely sucks, at least, in android. It consumes a huge amount of RAM, takes up too much memory space, takes up years to get installed, etc. But the least they could do is let us users have the option to change the theme in it. Sadly there is not an option to do that, not yet.

Dark Facebook for Android

But, as I always say, we are talking about android here. The possibilities are limitless! Our awesome developers over at our very own XDA Forums are always active and keep coming up with even more awesome stuff all. the. time.

The ‘Dark Facebook‘ app is one such creation by a developer named ‘Near_07’ (profile here). The app is great. I personally downloaded/installed and tested it for a couple of days(as I write this post). So far so good. No major issues or anything. The UI is completely DARK as the name suggests.

Download Dark Facebook APK

You can download the Dark Facebook APK for Android by clicking below:

Install Dark Facebook APK

  1. If you already have installed facebook on your device, uninstall it before proceeding.
  2. Copy the downloaded dark facebook app to your device.
  3. Install it as normal APK.
  4. Done!

This is the easiest way to install Dark Facebook APK and Dark Messenger APK on Android. Enjoy the latest Dark Facebook experience on your Android!

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