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One of the minor (but nonetheless important) change that Google has brought to Android OS when it announced Google Pixel is the way the icon look. If you have noticed, in the previous versions of android, all the icons were in different shapes and sizes. There is no common template to be followed, making the icons look a bit dis-organized (even though unique). For example, if you look at Apple’s iOS icons, all of them are squares with rounded corners – they follow a certain design pattern, making them look very orderly and uniform.



Make no mistake, a lot of people did not like the new ’round’ icons design strategy from Google. But, I myself had nothing to complain. I liked it. So, if you are one among those who like Google’s design approach with App Icons, then you might be interested in this icon pack!


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Google Pixel Icon Pack

Below are a few images to give you guys what is really looks like:
One of the best things about this icon pack is has over 5000 icons! Yes sir, you read that right! And it is absolutely free!! I mean, how awesome is that?! There are also some cloud based wallpapers available for download inside the app.


Click on the below image to download the latest version of the app for free:

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