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In this day and age, all of us have hundreds of apps installed on our phone even though we seldom use many of them. Smartphones has become close competition to computers that almost everything that is done on a PC can be done on a powerful smartphone. Multi-tasking is one of the places where smartphones has come a long way. I mean, my PC has 4GB of RAM and my phone has 6GB of RAM. How about that now, huh?!



One of the many reasons why smartphones were able to closely comepete with PCs are their capability to multitask. Me, I constantly switch between multiple apps all the time. I can text while watching a movie, listen to music while editing a video on another app; the possibilities are endless.


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Sometimes i wish there had been a better way of switching between multiple apps. Don’t get me wrong, the native multitasking on Android is no slouch – we have come a long way since Froyo and Gingerbread. But I do have a feeling that something needs to be done in that area.
The app we are going to look at today is no groundbreaking technology but it does offer some nifty little tricks to ease of the app switching process.



Meet ‘Circle Sidebar‘.

Installation and Setup:

Watch the below video review of the app to see what it is capable of:

The app offers a lot of customization options such as:
  • You can choose what apps to display on the sidebar.
  • Displays recent apps.
  • Option to display ‘Quick settings’ like Bluetooth, Wifi, etc.
  • Change the way the icons looks – you can choose your own icon packs.
  • You can choose which side you want the sidebar – left or right
  • And a whole lot more!


Click on the below image to download the app:

Circle SideBar
Circle SideBar
Developer: Zeeshan!
Price: Free
If you need any help, do leave a comment below.
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