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Before all these iPhones and Androids became famous, BlackBerry was a big shot! Owning a BlackBerry device automatically increased your cool quotient. One of the main reason why BlackBerry so famous was for its security features. But somewhere along the way, BlackBerry lost. May be it is because of their resistance to change. Or maybe they did not see the new kids in the block becoming big shots in such a short period of time. Better late than never, BlackBerry did arrive to the Android Party. Today, I will tell you how you can download and Install BlackBerry Priv Apps on any Android device.

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The BlackBerry Priv was their first Android phone ever. When it was introduced, it was received with a lot of mixed reactions. Nobody liked the price put on this phone. But the hardcore BlackBerry fans were very excited. When the Priv was unveiled, there were a lot of hype beneath its apps and the security that came along with the apps. Fortunately, now, we have a way to get all the BlackBerry Priv apps on ANY android device!

Download BlackBerry Manager:

Please keep in mind that these apps are reported to work fine on Android 6.0 and above. But, you can still give it a shot in other versions to see if they work!

In order to get all the BlackBerry apps on your device, you have to download and install the latest version of BlackBerry Manager. This app is pretty awesome; it allows you do download other BlackBerry Apps for your device. Click below to download:

Download BlackBerry Manager APK
 The process does not end here, read the next sections to see how to make it work properly!

Once you have downloaded, install the same as any normal APK file. Make sure Settings > Security > Unknown Sources is enabled before installing.

Setting up BlackBerry Manager:

Assuming that you have successfully installed BlackBerry Manager, open it.

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When you open the BlackBerry Manager, you will be asked to grant a few permissions. Grant them. Then you will be asked to login using your existing Google Account. Tap on ‘Allow’. Now you should be inside BlackBerry Manager. Please look at the below images to get an idea:

Before doing anything else, you MUST install ‘BlackBerry Hub+ Services’.

Once you are inside BlackBerry Manager, a list if all the apps available for download will be displayed. Before you proceed to download and install any other app from the list, you must first install BlackBerry Hub+ Services. Because all the other apps need this app to run properly.

Giving Proper Permissions to the BlackBerry Apps:

After installing the BlackBerry Hub+ Service, you can download and install any app you want. After installing every app (even BlackBerry Hub+ Service), you need to grant proper permissions to the apps for them to run properly. For example, let us see how to set permissions for BlackBerry Hub+ Service.

You MUST grant all permissions for the proper functioning of Apps.

  1. Tap on ‘BlackBerry Hub+ Service’ from the list if apps displayed in BlackBerry Manager.
  2. Three types of permissions will be listed. General Permissions, Device Admin Permissions, Notification Permissions.
  3. Tap on ‘General Permissions’. You will be taken to the App Info Tap on ‘Permissions’.
  4. You will be shown all the permissions the app needs. Enable them all. Don’t worry, you can disable these permissions later if you don’t like/want. Look at the below images:
  1. Likewise, go back and tap on ‘Device Admin Permissions’. You will be taken to ‘Device administration settings’. If the app is listed there, tap on it to enable this permission. For example, see this permission for BlackBerry Launcher.


  1. Lastly, tap on ‘Notification Permissions’. You will be taken to ‘Notification access’ screen. If your app is displayed there, tap on it to enable this permission.

Repeat this for every single app you install through BlackBerry Manager.


Below are a few screenshots from the BlackBerry launcher:

Let us know if this works for you or if it doesn’t. If you need any help, do drop a comment below, I’ll look into it!

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