Download iOS Music Player APK for Android

Download the iOS Music Player APK for Android. You can now get the iOS Music Player look and feel on any Android device by downloading an app called Retro Music. Read ahead to know more and download iOS Music Player for Android.

One of the best things about iOS is its looks. Everything is so colorful. Another one of the best things is, functioning. Everything is so fluid, no glitches and amazing graphics, and everything just works! If you ever had a chance to play with one of the iPhones, you would have noticed and loved the music player that comes with it. That is what exactly we are going to see today. iOS Music Player for Android!

iOS Music Player for Android

What we have here for you today is a music player app, which:

  • Looks like iOS Music Player.
  • Liquid Smooth Animations.
  • Perfect Material Design.
  • Clean Interface.
  • Simple Useful Options.

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iOS Music Player for Android: Features

Let me tell you guys, the app is a total package.

Now let us about some features:

Albums Screen:

The albums screen of the music player displays the album thumbnails in a perfect size. They are not too small or too large, just the perfect size. Take a look below:


Album Information Screen:

The album information screen is pretty neat too. The notification bar is colorized as per your album art color. The songs are displayed at the bottom, right below the big album art. ios-music-player-for-android

Now Playing Screen:

This is one of the best parts of the app. It very, very clean. Completely minimal, no unnecessary stuff displayed here. This screen looks very much like the one from iOS!ios-music-player-for-android

Music Widget:

The music widget is pretty cool. It doesn’t look like all the other generic music widgets in the notification bar. The text/icon color matches the album art of the music playing! Take a look below:ios-music-player-for-android

Download iOS Music Player APK

You can download the iOS Music Player APK for Android by clicking below:

Once you install the above APK, do check for any new update in the Google Play Store.

Alternatively, click below to download the app from Google Play Store:

Retro Music Player
Retro Music Player
Developer: Hemanth Savarala
Price: Free+

Tested it? Did you like the music player? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below!


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