Download OnePlus 3T Midnight Black Limited Edition Wallpapers here

Seems like OnePlus has a thing for Limited Edition phones. In past two weeks, they have announced 2 limited edition phones so far. Both of them are a different color variant of their current flagship, the OnePlus 3T. The first limited edition was the OnePlus 3T Black Colette Edition and the latest on is OnePlus 3T Midnight Black Limited Edition. The latest one is exactly same as the existing OnePlus 3T smartphone with the change being the color of the phone. The phone is completely covered in matte black which looks really good. Also, the other change is, it comes with a bunch of new Wallpapers. Read along to download OnePlus 3T Midnight Black Limited Edition wallpapers.

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Download OnePlus 3T Midnight Black Limited Edition Wallpapers:

At ThemeFoxx, we’ve been restlessly searching​ for the new Wallpapers since the phone’s announcement and finally we have them now. Download them below:

[How to download?”]To download the wallpaper in full resolution, please right click on the image and open the image in new tab and then save it to your device.

Single Click Download:

To download all the images in a single click, please click below:

OnePlus 3T Midnight Black Wallpapers | 5.6 MB

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