Get Google Assistant on ANY Device – No Root Needed!

If you are a close follower of what’s happening in the gadgets space, then you must have definitely heard about Google Assistant. In case if you have not, Google Assistant is Google Answer to iPhone’s Siri. It is a voice assistant in your phone with artificial intelligence capabilities. How is it different from Google Now? With Google Assistant, you can have a conversation with it. It learns from you.You can ask it to tell a joke or sing a song or get random facts from it. It can also do productive things like booking you a reservation at a restaurant, for example. But Google Assistant is not available widely as of now. But, in this guide, we will tell you how to get google assistant in your phone, irrespective of your country or device as long as your phone is running Android 6.0+!

Get Google Assistant on ANY Device:

Currently Google Assistant works only one Android 6.0+ Devices only!

Step 1: The first step is to update your Google Play Services to the latest version available. You can get the latest version by clicking below:


Choose the appropriate version for your device (arm, arm64, etc) from the list available. And then install the same.

Step 2: Change the system language to ‘English US’. Go to Settings > Languages & input > Languages. If ‘English US’ is not your current language, you can tap in ‘Add language’ and choose ‘English US’ from there. Refer screenshots below:

Step 3: Change the Google App language to ‘English US’. Go to Google (App) > Settings > Search Language. Refer screenshots below:

Step 4: Clear Google Apps’s data and cache. Goto Settings > Apps > Google App > Storage > Manage Space > Tap in ‘CLEAR ALL DATA‘. Refer screenshots below:

Step 5: Go back to your home screen. Long press on your home button. Meet your all new Google Assistant!

If you have followed all the steps, everything should be fine and Google Assistant will be enabled for you device, no matter which country you are from! You can train the Assistant to recognize your voice and even unlock your device with your voice!

Did that trick work for you? Let us know if you need any help in the comments below!

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