Instagram Plus App – Download and Save Instagram Photos and Videos

Among the plethora of social networking sites, there is a unique one. Instagram. A social networking site exclusively for sharing only photos and videos. The app became such a hit that, it intimidated even Facebook! Eventually Facebook ended up buying Instagram for an eye watering 1 Billion dollars (which is nothing compared to the 19 billion dollar buyout of WhatsApp by Facebook)! I absolutely love Instagram. I love their app even more. It’s so smooth and very neat! But what I absolutely hate about it is that, you cannot download photos or videos from it. So much for being a photo/video sharing social network! Today I will tell you how you can easily download and save instagram photos and videos.

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Instagram Plus App:

This app does not require root to work!

The Instagram+ app is a modified version of the original instagram app. To be more accurate, it is an enhanced version of the Instagram app. Below are some of the awesome features of the app:

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  • Download and save Instagram photos to your device.
  • Download and save Instagram videos to your device.
  • View Profile Picture.
  • Zoom photos.
  • Auto start videos with sound.
  • Follow indicator for the users who follow you.

Frankly speaking, if you ask me, these features should have been made available on the original Instagram app itself

Download Instagram Plus App APK:

To download the Instagram Plus App APK, click below:

Instagram Plus App APK | 23.3 MB


Below are some screenshots of the app in action:

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