[Tricks] Rounded Corner Screen for Any Android Device

Have you had time to check out the recently released LG G6? No? If you had, then you would know what we are about to deal with here. Among the many interesting things that the G6 offers, rounded screen corners is also one! Take a look at the official image below:
What if I said that you could get this same rounded corners in your Android smartphone, right now? What if I said that this is not a new concept and we have had apps that can do this for a whole while now?

Necessary Downloads:

To achieve the rounded corners in your android device, you first need to download a free app called ‘Cornerfly’ from the Google Play Store. Click on the below image to download:

Developer: Flyperinc
Price: Free+

Installation and Setup:

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After you have installed the app from the above link, there are only two important steps to get the app working without any issues.
  1. When you open the app for the first time, you will shown below screen. Tap on the button next to ‘Accessibility service’.
  2. You will be taken to a screen where a list of apps will be displayed. Select ‘Cornerfly’ from the list and allow permission for the app.
  3. The rest of the setup is pretty basic. Keep pressing next (or skip) till you enter into the app. Make sure the button on the top right corner is enabled.

The Result:

Below is a sample for what the app is capable of:
Pretty neat, if you ask me, right?
If you need any help with any of the steps above or just customizing Android in general, drop a comment below.
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