Convert your Galaxy S7/S7 Edge into a Galaxy S8 in 5 Minutes!

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ have released just a few days ago and I won’t be wrong if I said that the phones completely stole the show. The phone duo has impressed the fans and reviewers alike.Even though the phone has not shipped, almost everything you need to make your phone look and feel like Galaxy S8 is already available. To make things even simpler, XDA Forum member djb77 has come up with a one stop solution! If you own a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge, you can now simply flash a zip file to get all the available Galaxy S8 goodness on your device.

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Please note that this MOD is only for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge with Root and Custom Recovery installed.

What is included in this transformation pack?

Below is a list of things the mod offers:

  1. Galaxy S8 Audio  – Ringtones, UI Sounds, Notification tones, Alarm Tones.
  2. Galaxy S8 Bootanimations
  3. Galaxy S8 Emojis
  4. Galaxy S8 Fonts
  5. Galaxy S8 Wallpapers (installs to your Internal Memory under the folder “Wallpapers”)
  6. Galaxy S8 Stock Apps:
    • Galaxy S8 AOD (has some bugs but still works)
    • Galaxy S8 Calculator
    • Galaxy S8 Calendar
    • Galaxy S8 Clock
    • Galaxy S8 Contacts / Phone
    • Galaxy S8 Galaxy Apps
    • Galaxy S8 Gallery
    • Galaxy S8 Keyboard
    • Galaxy S8 Messaging
    • Galaxy S8 My Files
    • Galaxy S8 S Finder
    • Galaxy S8 Samsung Music
    • Galaxy S8 Samsung Themes
    • Galaxy S8 Samsung Video
    • Galaxy S8 Smart Manager
    • Galaxy S8 Touchwiz Launcher (with Hello Bixby)
    • Galaxy S8 Voice Recorder
    • Galaxy S8 Samsung Notes
    • Galaxy S8 S Translator
    • Galaxy S8 Movie Maker
    • Galaxy S8 Soundcamp
    • Galaxy S8 Smart Select (with S8 Edge Panel)
  7. Galaxy S8 Framework (both framework-res and samsung-framework-res)
  8. Galaxy S8 Camera
  9. Galaxy S8 Settings
  10. Galaxy S8 Setup Wizard.

Download Galaxy S8 Mod Pack for Galaxy S7/S7 Edge:

There are two files. Please click below to download the Galaxy S8 Mod pack:

Galaxy S8 Mod Pack Part 1 |  355.6 MB
Galaxy S8 Mod Pack Part 2 | 82.1 MB

Install Galaxy S8 Mod Pack on Galaxy S7/S7 Edge:

Follow the below instructions carefully:

The developer has advised flashing this ModPack after you’ve installed your ROM with a Full Wipe.

  • Download Parts 1 and 2 and copy them to your Internal Memory.
  • Install Part 1, which is the AROMA installer.
  • Without restarting, flash Part 2.
  • Restart your phone.

Enjoy the all-new Galaxy S8 experience on your device!

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4 thoughts on “Convert your Galaxy S7/S7 Edge into a Galaxy S8 in 5 Minutes!”

    • Hello Macko! The guide is actually pretty simple. The instructions are in the article itself actually. Let me say it again here:
      1. Download Parts 1 and 2 and copy them to your Internal Memory.
      2. Install Part 1, which is the AROMA installer.
      3. Without restarting, flash Part 2.
      4. Restart your phone.
      5. Done!

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