Phone displays are getting bigger and extremely sharper with every passing year. So are the computer displays. In mobile phones, we already have phone displays of 2K resolution and the 4K phone displays are just around the corner. Earlier today, we have shared a collection of 400+ minimalistic wallpapers. Now, we have got an exclusive collection of over 2000 wallpapers of 3840×2160 Resolution, that is 4K Resolution.

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Wallpaper details:

  • Total Wallpapers: 2056
  • Wallpaper Genre: Multiple
  • Wallpaper Resolution: 3840×2160 4K Resolution

Sample Wallpapers:

As you might have guessed, due to the extremely high resolution, each of these wallpapers is at least over 2MB in size and it is completely impractical to upload them all in this post. So, as a little preview, here a few samples to get you excited:

How to download?

The below wallpapers are just samples. The downloads are in the next section. Scroll down! 🙂

Download 4K Wallpapers [3840×2160 Resolution]:

Big Files Ahead!

Owing to the huge size of these wallpapers, they are compressed and uploaded as 8 (relatively) smaller parts. Links below!

Due to the very high size (because of the extremely high resolution) of these wallpapers, we have decided not to uploaded them as a single file. That might become an issue for the users on slower connections. So, We have decided to upload them in 8 parts.

Part No. of Wallpapers File Size Download Link
Part 1  254  704 MB  Download
Part 2  254  661 MB  Download
Part 3  254  686 MB  Download
Part 4  254  741 MB  Download
Part 5  254  699 MB  Download
Part 6  254  657 MB  Download
Part 7  254  703 MB  Download
Part 8  278  798 MB  Download

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Well, if you have been keeping count, totally, that’s 5.51 GB of data! Woah!

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