Download iOS 10 Theme for EMUI 5.X and 4.X Devices

Today, we have got the most beautiful iOS 10 theme for your EMUI device. The theme is complete and very authentic and themes almost every aspect of your device. The theme looks very colorful and minimal, the most appealing aesthetics of iOS. Read ahead to download and install iOS 10 theme for EMUI 5.x and 4.x devices.

Update: Check out the iOS 11 Theme for EMUI 5 Devices!


Below are a few screenshots of the theme in action. It looks absolutely gorgeous.

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For EMUI 5.x:

For EMUI 4.x:

Download iOS 10 Theme for EMUI 5.X and 4.X Devices:

There are two files available for download. One for the EMUI 5.X devices and the other for EMUI 4.X devices. Download accordingly:

For EMUI 4.X Devices:

For EMUI 5.X Devices:

How to install/Apply:

  • Copy The <<Theme_Name>>.Hwt file to the “HWtheme” folder in SD Card/Internal memory.
  • Open the Theme App on your Huawei phone.
  • Go to ‘Offline’ section.
  • Browse the theme you like and then click Apply.

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