Download Pixel Launcher with ALL Pixel Features for ANY Android!

When the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL were introduced, they came with an exclusive launcher on board, the Pixel Launcher. Google Now Launcher has been available in Google Play Store for a while now. The Pixel Launcher is the same as the Google Now launcher but with a few features exclusive only to the Pixel devices. For example, in Pixel launcher, you can swipe up anywhere on the home screen to get to the app drawer. But in the Google Now Launcher, there is a dedicated app drawer button like the rest of the launchers.

Now, a Redditor who goes by the name AmirZ ported the Pixel Launcher with all the Pixel Exclusive features to be used on any Android device.

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What the Pixel Launcher Offers

Below are a few features that the Pixel Launcher comes with:

  • Swipe Right for Google Now
  • G Pill Animation
  • Swipe Up anywhere on homescreen for App Drawer
  • Weather Widget
  • Date widget with correct format for all Launcher3-supported languages
  • Google Calendar app icon with the date
  • Pixel accent color for every device

Pixel Launcher Screenshots

Below are a few screenshots of the Pixel Launcher in action:


Download Pixel Launcher with Pixel Exclusive Features for Devices

Click below to download the Pixel Launcher with all Pixel Exclusive Features:

Pixel Launcher for All Devices

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