[No Root] Get Google Assistant on Any Android Lollipop Device

Google Assistant was introduced a few months back after being exclusive to pixel devices for a while. But sadly, it was only made available for devices running marshmallow and above version of Android. But that did not stop our awesome Android developers from trying to make it work on older Android versions. In the past, there were some workarounds to make Google Assistant work on Android devices but there were more than a few drawbacks in these methods. Now, we have an easy way to get Google Assistant to work on Android Lollipop devices with the Google Assistant Launcher.

Google Assistant Launcher

Below are a few features of Google Assistant Launcher:

  • No root needed.
  • Activity launchers are never needed. Just install, and launch!
  • Launch Google Assistant, even on your own preferred launcher!
  • Uses the Assist intent, so you can also set GAL to launch when long-pressing the Home button!
  • No unnecessary permissions, so you are sure that no data is got from you.
  • Supports Android 5.0+

Below are a few screenshots of the Google Assistant Launcher in action:

Download Google Assistant Launcher

You can download the Google Assistant Launcher by visiting the below download link:

Google Assistant Launcher

Install Google Assitant Launcher

  1. Download the app
  2. Install normally as APK
  3. Done! Launch the app first, create a reminder, and teach the Assistant your voice.
  4. You may now hold the home button to launch Assistant.
    Note: When long-pressing the home button, pick
    Lollipop: Google Assistant as default.
    Marshmallow+: Google App as default.

You can refer the below video for any help with the installation:

If you have any doubts or need any help with the steps in this article, do drop a comment below!

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