Download Android Oreo Google Dialer for All Android Devices

Android Oreo was released by Google just a few days ago and it has so far received a great many numbers of positive reviews. While it does not bring many visual changes, there are a lot of under the hood changes that actually make the latest version of Android great. There is a new Auto-fill API, more organized settings app, instant apps and many other interesting and useful features. Today, we are bringing you the Android Oreo Google Dialer APK which can be installed on all Android devices. And the good news is, you don’t need root to install this app, yay!

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Android Oreo Google Dialer

This is the latest version of the Google Dialer APK which has been extracted from the latest system images of Android Oreo 8.0 and have been modified to work on any Android device. It is also important to note that this Google Dialer comes with new floating bubble support!

Below are a few screenshots of the Android Oreo Google Dialer:

Download Android Oreo Google Dialer APK

You can download the Android Oreo Google Dialer APK for all Android devices by simply clicking below:

Install Android Oreo Google Dialer APK

You do not need root permissions to install this app. Simply tap on the downloaded .apk file and install it as normal APK.

Follow the below steps to properly setup the Google Dialer on your phone:

  1. Go to Settings > Apps. From the list, tap on your phone’s default phone app and disable the app if possible.
  2. Go to Settings > Apps > Default Apps.
  3. Click on ‘Phone App’ and choose the newly installed Google Dialer app. This will be shown as ‘Phone’.
  4. Done!

Guide to Enable Floating Bubbles

After installing the latest Google Dialer, you can enable the floating bubbles features by following the below guide:

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25 thoughts on “Download Android Oreo Google Dialer for All Android Devices”

  1. Working good in my Redmi note 5 pro.
    But have only one issue of not showing recent call history in this app.
    Please help

  2. Using a Samsung a6+…..shows “device not supported, you may not be able to make calls”…..any updates you can provide with the latest version

  3. Hi! I installed on Xiaomi Redmond 5 Plus. Call history and nearby places aren’t working. How do I fix this, please? Thank you.

  4. Can you help? It says app not installed… I have downloaded an old version of google phone app apk. Do I need to uninstall it to get this new one to work?

  5. I can’t download it for some reason when I click download it goes to a blank page and just goes back Google drive page. No notification of pop up

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