Convert Trial Version Samsung Themes to Full Version [No Root]

A detailed step by step guide on how to use the trial version of Samsung Themes without any restrictions forever for free. Sometimes, manufacturers do the weirdest stuff and Samsung is no exception. If you own a Samsung device with Samsung Theme Store installed, then you would know what I am talking about. In Samsung phone, when you install a theme apk file and open the theme store to apply it, you would be told that it is just a trial version. You can only use the theme for 5 minutes and if you want to use it any longer than that, then you need to purchase the theme. This happens even when the developer of the theme wants to give away the theme for free. This, if you ask me, is pretty annoying and the users are not really happy about it. This guide will tell you how to convert the trial version of the Samsung Themes to full version without root and use them forever.

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The Problem with Samsung Themes

Even on our site, we have a wide range of Samsung Themes available for download on our site and the common issue that our users face is that they cannot use the theme for more than 5 minutes.convert-trial-version-samsung-themes-to-full-version-no-root

If you apply the theme, after 5 minutes, the theme will automatically disappear and the default theme will be applied. A lot of our users are affected by this problem and even if we want to offer our themes as full version, Samsung does not offer a choice to offer them as a full version to the users. So, here is our guide which you can follow to convert the trial Samsung Themes to full version.

Necessary Downloads

We are going to make use of an amazing app called ‘Package Disabler Pro’ for our purpose. You can download the same by clicking below:

Steps to convert Trail Version Samsung Themes to Full Version

Follow the below steps carefully:

  1. Open the Package Disabler Pro app and wait for it to load all the packages in your Galaxy device.convert-trial-version-samsung-themes-to-full-version-no-root
  2. In the top search bar, simply search for ‘themes’. You will get two results, as below:convert-trial-version-samsung-themes-to-full-version-no-root
  3. Simply tap the checkbox and select both the listed apps to disable them. You will get a ‘Package Disabled’ notification.convert-trial-version-samsung-themes-to-full-version-no-root
  4. After disabling them, tap on the app and you will get a pop-up. Click on ‘Clear Data’. Repeat the same for both the apps. 
  5. Done!

How to Revert back to normal

Whenever you want to apply another theme, open the ‘Package Disabler Pro’ app and enable both the disabled apps and you can use the Samsung Theme Store Normally again.

If you need any help with any of the steps above, please do drop a comment below and we will help you out!


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  1. The cache cannot be cleared. It says “operation not supported”. I think this is just a ploy, random act to make people buy the pro app. How sad. :'(

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