How to Install Google Play Store and GApps on MIUI 9

A detailed step by step guide to install Google Play Store, Google Play Services, and other Google Apps (GApps) on MIUI 9.

MIUI is undoubtedly one of the most customizable versions of Android available right now. Even before Xiaomi released its first phone, MIUI was a brand and had a huge fan following. Then Xiaomi made its way into the smartphone world and the rest is history. Xiaomi recently announced the latest version of its OS, the MIUI 9 and it is already available for download for a couple of devices. We even brought you the MIUI 9 Stock Ringtones and MIUI 9 Stock Wallpapers.

Google Play Store on MIUI ROM

The major downside with the MIUI ROM is that it does not come with Google Play Store, Google Play Services, and other Google Apps. It has something to do with China banning Google and all other Google Services. It is becoming increasingly hard, with every passing day, to find a way to install Google Services on MIUI. Today, we will tell you how to install Google Play Store, Google Play Services, and other Google Apps on your device running MIUI 9.

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Download Google Installer V2.0

In order to install Google Play Store on your MIUI 9 running device, you first to download the Google Installer V2.0 and then install it on your device. Click below to download Google Installed V2.0:

Google Installer V2.0

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Google Installer V2.0 Installation and Setup:

  1. Go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Security > Enable Download from Unknown Sources.
  2. Now, open a file manager of your choice. Locate the Google Installer APK file you downloaded from the above step and tap on the same to install the APK.
  3. Open the app, you will see a blue circle as in the below picture, tap on it to start the installation process install. Google-Installer-V2-APK
  4. All the Google Base Apps will be installed one by one. Please be patient and wait for it to complete. The installed version of play store might not be latest, you have to update it once the installation finishes.Google-Installer-V2-APK

If you encounter any issue with the installation, let us know in the comment below. We’d be happy to look into it.

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