Get Android Oreo Adaptive Icons on Any Android Device

We will today talk about how to use adaptive icons on any android device. This will change your regular app icons in the shapes you desire and will make your device look simply cool so let’s get going. It was first introduced by Google in Android Or developer preview, but now, this feature can be used on Any Android device. For that, we have a tutorial. Today we will tell you how to get adaptive icons on any Android device running Android 5.0 and above!

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What is meant by Adaptive Icons?

Let’s take a quick view. Adaptive Icons are a new way of formatting and submitting app icons so that they can be cut down into a variety of shapes depending on the device or launcher a person is using. This means that instead of your Google icons looking one way, your Samsung apps looking another way, and your third-party apps being a mess, everything should be consistently shaped so this feature is used. We will be using Beta version of Nova Launcher to make changes in app icons.


You need the latest version of Nova Launcher to proceed with the tutorial. Click below to download the same:


Steps to Use Adaptive Icons

Step 1: Open Nova settings > Tap on “Look and Feel”.


Step 2: Now, Enable the “Adaptive Icons”  button. Now Tap on the “Adaptive Icon Shape”.


Step 3: Once you complete the steps given above, Now choose the shape that you want for the icons.


Step 4: Let’s check if the icons shape has changed or not. Simply go the app drawer and see you might see that some have changed and some haven’t. This is because developers have not updated their apps to include adaptive icons.


Step 5: We will fix that. Again follow the steps above and click on enable “Mask legacy icons” below the shapes options.  Now, check you will find that all the icons have been changed.


Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to use Adaptive Icons.

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