How to Create Quick Commands for Samsung Bixby

A detailed step by step guide on how to create quick commands for Samsung Bixby. After the S Voice, Samsung’s new devices Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ launched their own voice assistant called Bixby this year. Samsung Bixby has been met with overall negative reviews so far. One of the main reasons why it has received negative criticism is because Samsung kinda forced it on its users. It has many features that you will love eg- features, Bixby Voice, Bixby Vision, Bixby Home and Bixby Reminder. But, being honest it has a lot of potential and could give a tough fight to Google’s Assistant and Apple’s Siri in the future. It is a very helpful in day to day life. The Quick Command feature gives you a way to add a command in Bixby and the command will take action what you say it to do. Here are some simple steps to add a Quick command in Bixby.

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Steps to create a Quick Command for Bixby

Step 1: Go to Bixby Home by

  • Pressing the dedicated Bixby Button on the left side of your Samsung S8/S8+
  • Or just simply Swipe right from your Home screen.

Step 2: When you are at Bixby Home Screen, Tap the 3 dots at right top corner of the screen and > Select the “My Bixby” option.


Step 3: Now to add a quick command of your choice, Tap on “Quick Command” then on the next screen Tap on “Make your own Command”.


Step 4: Once the step no 3 is completed, Tap on “+ Add quick command”. Now simply Hold the Bixby button and say the command you want. When done just click on “Save”. Like we are setting up the command “I’m driving”.


Step 5: Once you click on save you will be reverted back to the Quick command menu. Now you can set the action you want to perform for that particular command. Click on “+ Add Bixby Command” you will see the options “Select from History” and “Search all commands”. Here you can add a command from the previously searched quires or just search for all commands and add the one you want by tapping on it. Like I have added the action to be performed “Open setting and Turn on Do Not Disturb Mode”.


Step 6: Now Tap on “Done” and you are good to go.

create-quick-commands-bixbyCongratulations! You have successfully learned to add a command to Bixby.

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2 thoughts on “How to Create Quick Commands for Samsung Bixby”

    • Haven’t used it personally but I already see a lot of users getting frustrated. Also, people don’t like something being forced on them. Bixby is a beta product at best. It still has a long way to go. But, I did see a few videos featuring bixby, it has got some neat tricks under its sleeve. I see a lot of potential but let’s see what Samsung does with it.

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