How to Unbrick, Unroot and Restore Galaxy Note 8 to Stock Firmware

A detailed step by step guide on how to unbrick, unroot and flash stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Stock Firmware Downloads included. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the latest flagship from the South Korean Manufacturer. Depending on the region in which it is released, it is powered by Samsung’s own Exynos 8895 or Snapdragon 835. The phone is a complete package with a dual rear camera with dual OIS for better video recording, Infinity Display, S Pen and many top-notch specs. The phone runs Android 7.1.1 Nougat out of the box with the Samsung Experience 8.5 on top. In this post, we will show you how you can completely restore your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to stock.

Why Restore to Stock?

Well, if you have rooted your device to install a custom ROM or mod or simply to install your favorite root apps and want to go back to Full Stock, this is your guide. Or if you were trying to root/mod your phone and ended up with a bricked Galaxy Note 8, this guide will help you to unbrick your Galaxy Note 8. In short, by following this guide, your Galaxy Note 8 can be restored to 100% complete stock firmware. Just like when you took it out of the box.

Download Latest Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Stock Firmware

The first and foremost thing that you will be needing to restore your device to stock is the latest stock firmware. The latest stock firmware can be downloaded from the Samsung’s servers directly with the help of SamFirm tool. The SamFirm tool lets you download the latest Samsung Stock Firmware TAR files. All you need is your device’s correct model number or the CSC code it belongs to. For example, product code or CSC code for India is INS, for Australia it is XSA and for US Carrier Verizon it is VZW.

Steps to Download Latest Galaxy Note 8 Stock Firmware

Method 1: With SamFirm Tool

Follow the below steps to download the latest Firmware for Galaxy Note 8:

  1. Download and extract the latest SamFirm tool and have it ready.
  2. Go to Settings > About Phone on your Galaxy Note 8 and make a note of your Galaxy Note 8’s model number.
  3. Find the CSC Code (Country Specific Code) for your device from this list.
  4. Input the model number and Region Code.
  5. Check the ‘Auto’ checkbox.
  6. Also, check the ‘Decrypt automatically’ checkbox on the right-hand side.
  7. Hit the check updates button.
  8. Once the details are shown, click on the Download button.

Method 2: From Third Party Websites

If you have trouble download through SamFirm tool, you can opt to download from a number available third-party websites. Below are the options:

  • Sprint Note 8 Stock Firmware

Sprint Note 8 ODIN Firmware File | Download TAR Image

  • T-Mobile Note 8 Stock Firmware

T-Mobile Note 8 ODIN Firmware File | Download TAR Image

  • AT&T Note 8 Stock Firmware

AT&T Note 8 ODIN Firmware File | Not Available Yet

  • Verizon Note 8 Stock Firmware

Verizon Note 8 ODIN Firmware File | Not Available Yet

From Updato:

  • Note 8 SM-950F Stock Firmware | Download
  • Note 8 SM-950U Stock Firmware | Download
  • Note 8 SM-950U1 Stock Firmware | Download
  • Note 8 SM-950N Stock Firmware | Download
  • Note 8 SM-950W Stock Firmware | Download

From Mega:

From SamMobile:

  • Note 8 SM-950F Stock Firmware | Download
  • Note 8 SM-950U Stock Firmware | Download
  • Note 8 SM-950U1 Stock Firmware | Download
  • Note 8 SM-950N Stock Firmware | Download
  • Note 8 SM-950W Stock Firmware | Download

Other Necessary Downloads

Here are the things that you will need. Download and have them ready:

  1. Stock Firmware Files which you can download from the section above.
  2. Latest Odin: 
  3. Prince Comsy Odin: 
  4. Samsung USB Drivers: 
  5. ADB Platform Tools: 

How to Restore Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to Stock Firmware

Step 1. If your device is bricked, press and hold the power button for a while to make sure it is completely switched off. [OR] If your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is up and running, you will have to power-off the device. Wait for a few seconds to make sure it is completely switched off.

Step 2. Boot your Galaxy Note 8 into Download mode: Press and hold Volume Down + Power Button + Bixby Button for a while till you see a warning screen. Once you see the warning screen, press the Volume Up Button and your phone will go into Download Mode.

Step 3. Download and extract the ODIN or Prince Comsy ODIN tool. Run the ODIN.exe file as administrator. [Right click > Run as administrator]

Step 4. Connect your Galaxy Note 8 to your PC via USB Cable. You should see an ‘Added!‘ message in Odin.

Step 5. Extract the download Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Firmware files which you have downloaded above to get the TAR image files.

Step 6. Add the firmware files to Odin. If there is only one file, add it to AP. If there are multiple files, add to the appropriate sections in the Odin. Example: BL for BL, AP for AP, CP for CP, CSC for CSC [not HOME_CSC].

Step 7. Under options section, make sure ONLY ‘Auto-Reboot‘ and ‘F Reset Time‘ are selected.

Step 8. After making sure everything is in place, hit the ‘Start‘ button.

Wait for the process to complete. Once the process completes, wait for the ‘PASS’ message to appear in the ODIN. refer the image below:TWRP-Root-Galaxy-Note-8-Odin-Success

Congratulation, now your Galaxy Note 8 is back to stock!

The first boot may take a while, do not panic. If you are stuck in boot loop, go to recovery > wipe data > Reboot > done!


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8 thoughts on “How to Unbrick, Unroot and Restore Galaxy Note 8 to Stock Firmware”

  1. will it tirgger the knox ,,”? if we do it on note 8 my device is uae version that is xsg currently , if i download ins version for sm-n905f ,, and use odin ,, will it be ok for knox , samsungpay india and paytm ,,can you guide me here

    • i want to tell i did try , i download csc ins using sam firm and then used odin , downloaded to phone , it rebooted ,, it did not triger my knox ,, very happy , but it did not change to india , its still uae phone ,, i dont know ,, why

        • Now i can answer all your question , i have re searched all the issues,,

          to know which region or phone model , imie info to see , use phone info app

          i order in dubai , uae , note 8 – sm-n950f and also i have dual sim sm-n950f duos, if you take it to india or other region and use dail code #*272*imie code * it wont happen , so samsung pay or any apps etc for india region will not work or if polant or other as its xsg when u see in phone info app

          and to change your css to ins without trigger knox or warrenty ,,
          so simple steps . use samfirm_0.3.4 and download the original stock firmware for the region INS or what ever you need which u want to shift to

          then use odin3-v3.12.7 and then flash u r stock firm ware mobiile by selecting all files as normally what every site says

          once ok pass , disconnect the cable and put which ever region sim card you flash with , this is important then it restarts twice and switch u totally to INS (that is india my case ) or else it will stick to UAE ,, trust me on this

          and it works perfect and wonderfull for note 8 , i have no issues , all info and imie and things are great

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