Install Dark Theme on Any Android Oreo Device Without Root

A detailed step by step guide on how to install dark theme on any Android Oreo device without root. Getting a Dark theme on Andriod is the dream of many users, having the perfect classy looks on your device. This can be done on a Rooted device very easily with the help of Substratum Engine, thanks to the developers that they have created a substratum for a non-rooted device. Latest Android Oreo (8.0 version) has an awesome add-on function called Andromeda it extends the capabilities of the Substratum Theme Engine to work on Android Oreo device, without root!. Talking about Andromeda – there are two things: an Android App and a Desktop Client. The Andromeda Desktop client helps to elevate the privileges of the Andromeda Android app, through ADB access, to rootlessly theme your device.

You have to set the Andromeda settings from the Part-1 of this process. Then you are ready to go to the steps given down simply follow the steps and you will have a fantastic Dark theme on your device.

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  • Substratum black theme
  • Substratum Fresh theme

Dark Theme Preview

Here’s a little preview of what you are about to get:

Steps to install Dark Theme on Android Oreo

1. Start the Andromeda desktop client ( So that Substratum has the permissions it needs to manage themes). Here’s how to do it: 

2. Once you performed the above step, you are good to go. Simply open the substratum app and Tap on the “Sai’s Android O Black Theme” from the list’s options.


3. When you are in the theme option tap on the “select to toggle all overlays“. If you want to customize the color on navbar just simply select the color from the options below System nav bar UI done.


4. If you want to change overlays eg. If you want the black theme on WhatsApp then simply select the checkbox and select the other overlays like a vise.


5. After selecting overlays Tap on the paint roller like button the click on the option “Build & Enable” (it will create a .apk file for this theme and will apply it). Let the process get completed and Reboot.


6. If you want to install a black theme for Messages, Twitter, and the Play Store then go back to Substratum and open up Sai’s Fresh Theme in the list. Select the themes/overlays that you want to be applied to the apps that you want to be themed. Tap the paint roller icon and select “Build & Enable” and reboot after the process gets completed.

7. If you want to remove the theme from some overlays simply select the overlays, Tap the paint roller icon > Tap on Disable selected then >  select “Build & Enable” and reboot after the process gets completed.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed the black theme on your Android Oreo device. If you like the process and got the work done successfully like and share.

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