Download the complete collection of Apple iPhone X Stock Wallpapers for your device. All the iPhone X official Wallpapers in one place! Just a few minutes ago, Apple unveiled its next flagship smartphone, the iPhone X. There have been two other models, but iPhone X has been the key device in today’s event. There were numerous leaks before the actual event and all those rumors came true. The device looks exactly like what we have seen in the leaks so far. The iPhone X is truly the most advanced iPhone yet. For the first time ever, Apple has used the AMOLED technology in the iPhone X. The edge to edge display is an absolute pleasure to look. If you are looking for the iPhone X wallpapers, here they are. Today, we are bringing you the complete collection of official iPhone X Stock Wallpapers for download. I must say, iPhone X Wallpapers are quite stunning!

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iPhone X Stock Wallpapers Details

The iPhone X comes with a 5.8 inch Super Retina Display of 2436 x 1125 pixels resolution. Apple has always a thing for weird resolutions. They have never gone for more conventional resolutions. The wallpapers that are available for download are of 2706 x 2706 pixels resolution which should be a perfect fit for the iPhone X. As the resolution is high, you can use these wallpapers on any device, even Android devices, without having to worry about pixelation. Also, the wallpaper that comes preloaded on iPhone X and iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are essentially the same. So, if you are looking to download iPhone 8 Stock wallpapers or iPhone 8 Plus stock wallpapers, here they are!

More Stock Wallpapers

We have a vast collection of stock wallpapers from various devices from different manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei, Google, HTC, SONY, Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo, OnePlus, Honor, OPPO and more. You can view the complete collection by clicking below:

Stock Wallpapers Collection

Download iPhone X Stock Wallpapers

If you wish to view and download the wallpapers one by one, there is a separate section below. Head on there to view the wallpapers and download them one by one. If you are looking for single click download, read ahead.

You can download the complete collection of iPhone X Wallpapers, iPhone 8 Wallpapers and iPhone 8 Plus Stock Wallpapers by clicking below:

iPhone X Stock Wallpapers

In case you are looking to download each wallpaper separately, here they are:

How to download?

To download the wallpaper in full resolution, please right click on the image and tap on open the image in new tab and then save it to your device.

Here is the default iPhone X Wallpaper that you keep seeing everywhere:

iPhone-X-Wallpaper-ThemeFoxx-001 (1)

And here are the rest of the wallpapers:

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