Download and install the S Note App with Action Memo Support and get back the Action Memo functionality on your Galaxy Note 8. No root needed for this! The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is truly a beast. It is one among the best phones you can buy right now if you don’t mind the huge price. The phone comes with an absolutely stunning Infinity Display which spans from edge to edge. There is also a dual camera setup in the background which takes spectacular photos. The good thing is, there is also optical image stabilization in the telephoto lens as well.

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Action Memo for Galaxy Note 8 with S Note

If you had noticed closes, Samsung has quietly replaced the S Note app with Samsung Notes. While the Samsung Notes did bring a few nice and advanced features, it also removed a lot of features that the users loved about the S Notes App. One such feature is the Action Memo feature. Samsung completely removed it without any traces. A lot of users were furious about it but luckily there is a way to get it back. Today, we are bringing you the S Note App along with a few add-ons which will bring back the Action Memo feature on your Galaxy Note 8. All credits to the XDA Forum member BlueFox721. Here’s a preview of what you are about to get:


Download S Note App with Action Memo for Galaxy Note 8

You need to download three APK files in order to get back the Action Memo feature on your Galaxy Note 8. You can download the APK files by clicking below:


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Installing S Note on Galaxy Note 8

You do not need root or any special permission to install this app. You can simply install them as you would install any other APK files.

  1. Download all the three APK files and move them to your phone.
  2. Install the APK files one by one.
  3. Done!

After installing the APK files, you can simply start using the Action Memo on your Galaxy Note 8 🙂

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