List of Substratum Themes Compatible with Samsung

Substratum is one of the most reliable and easy ways to theme Android Smartphones right now. When the era of CyanogenMod came to an end, CM Theme Engine also died a slow death. Ever since Substratum has been the go-to solution for all the theming needs in the Android space. The theme first started out supporting AOSP based ROMs and Custom ROMs and now they have extended their support to Samsung Devices as well.

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Substratum Themes for Samsung Devices

But there is a catch in all this: not every single Substratum theme available on the Google Play Store is fully compatible with Samsung Devices. For example, as of now, the developers have asked to hold off applying ‘Android System’ or ‘System UI Elements’ while applying themes.

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We set out to find out which themes are fully compatible with Substratum for Samsung devices and this article is the result of it. We have compiled a list of Substratum themes which have the ability to theme Samsung System UI and Framework, along with all the elements in a Samsung Device. Here goes the list of Substratum themes for Samsung devices.

Samsung Compatible Substratum Themes

As of now, there are 6 themes that are fully compatible with the Substratum Theme Engine for Samsung Devices. Here they are:

  1. Stock Dark Substratum Theme: 
  2. Oreo/Pixel Dark Substratum Theme: 
  3. Swift Dark Substratum Theme +Oreo & Samsung theme: 
    Swift Dark Substratum Theme
    Swift Dark Substratum Theme
    Developer: Beach Road IT
    Price: $1.99
  4. Swift Black Substratum Theme +Oreo & Samsung theme: 
  5. Swift for Samsung – Dark & Black Substratum Theme: 
  6. Black Stock Theme Substratum Pixel/Oreo: 

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