Firefds Kit: Best Xposed Module for Samsung Nougat Devices

Download Firefds Kit Xposed Module for all Samsung devices running Android Nougat. A collection of awesome tweaks to customize your device! Xposed Framework is one of the best things that has ever happened to the Android community. It has opened the gates to endless customizations and mods on almost any Android phone with Root access. Until recently, we did not have support for Android Nougat from Xposed Framework, at least officially. But, now, the legendary developer rovo69 has announced the latest version of Xposed Framework with support for all Android Nougat devices as well.

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Xposed Module for Samsung Devices

Samsung phones ship with a heavily customized version of Android and hence, not all the Xposed Modules which run on other devices are compatible with Samsung devices as well. Only a certain, handpicked ones work along nice with TouchWiz or Samsung Experience ROMs.

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Firefds Kit Xposed Module for Samsung Devices

The XDA Forums Senior Member firefds has released a Xposed Module, Firefds Kit, which is made exclusively for Samsung devices running Android Nougat. According to the developer, this Xposed Module is the modified version of Wanam’s XtouchWiz module. It is also important to note that this Xposed Module will have only the features that are missing in other modules, say, Gravity Box. Below are the features of the Firefds Kit Xposed Module for Samsung Devices:

Firefds Kit Xposed Module Features:
  • Enable navigation bar custom color chooser
  • Carrier Label options in status bar
  • Fake System status
  • Disable TIMA/KAP
  • Call Recording
  • Auto call recording
  • Bypass Email Exchange restrictions
  • Disable tether provisioning
  • DVFS Disable option
  • Disable battery level/temp checks while using Camera
  • Disable Adb during secured lockscreen
  • Enable Saving Message and restore from sd card
  • Show Wireless charging popup
  • Hide full battery notification
  • Hide NFC icon
  • Disable Bluetooth toggle popup
  • Semi-transparent volume panel
  • Disable volume control sound
  • Disable low battery sound
  • Screen timeout settings
  • And few other features

Download Firefds Kit Xposed Module for Samsung

You can download the Firefds Kit Xposed Module for Samsung Nougat devices by clicking below:

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