Download LG V30 Floating Bar APK For All Android Devices

Get the LG V30 Floating Bar on any Android device. LG V30 is one of the most important flagship devices of this year. The LG V10 and LG V20 have quite a bit of fan following as the devices were really great. The V series from LG was always seen as phones best fit for media purposes. Notably, all of the LG V Series phones so far have come with a dedicated Audio DAC for a superior Audio experience. Previous V series phones also came with a dedicated second screen to show any important notifications and the users also had the ability to add some quick shortcuts. Interestingly, LG decided to remove that extra (small) screen in their latest version of LG V Series, the LG V30. They have replaced it with a software solution of similar sorts, the floating bar.

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LG V30 Floating Bar

The LG V30 Floating bar offers the similar functionality of what the small extra screen offered in the LG V20. It appears as a small semi-transparent dot in all the screens and when you tap on it, it shows some useful information such a notifications and quick shortcuts. This is a pretty good implementation and is very good design choice from LG’s side. While the extra screen was useful, you can’t deny the fact that it did look a bit (weirdly) different. Some might not agree with me, but most will. Today, we have a way to get the LG V30 Floating Bar on Any Android device!

Download LG V30 Floating Bar for Any Android

You can download the LG V30 Floating Bar for any Android device by clicking below:

Floating Bar LG V30
Floating Bar LG V30
Developer: THSoftware
Price: Free+

Install and Setup LG V30 Floating Bar On Any Android

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Follow the below instructions carefully:

  1. After installing the app, open the app. Tap on the top right corner to enable the app.
  2. By default, some of the apps will be shown on the ‘Apps’ screen.
  3. If you like to add your own set of apps, first, simply tap on the red ‘x‘ mark on the existing apps and they will be removed. Then you can add the apps you want by tapping on the ‘+‘ sign and choosing the apps from the list displayed.
  4. Similarly, you can add shortcuts of tools, contacts, and websites but they need to be purchased via in-app purchases.
  5. If you decide to purchase, the setup process for them is also exactly same as what we have explained for ‘Apps’ in the above steps.
  6. The output will be something this: LG-V30-Floating-Bar-Any-Android

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