Download Google Files Go APK – The Google File Manager App

Download the Google Files Go APK – the brand new Google File Manager App. From being an internet search giant, Google has now become one of the biggest players in the smartphone space. Apart from the fact that they make the most famous operating system in the world, they also make hardware devices. And those hardware devices take on some of the biggest and well-known players such as Samsung and Apple. While on one hand, Google is concentrating on making devices for the rich, it also doesn’t forget the midrange market. Andoird One is one of the programs Google has launched to concentrate on the emerging market. Another such program is the Android Go Project which also concentrates on providing best quality service for those living in the emerging markets.

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Today, we stumbled upon a new from Google, which was briefly listed as ‘unreleased’, in the Google Play Store. The app is named ‘Files Go’ which represents that it comes as a part of the Android Go Project.

Google Files Go

The Google File Go is a File Manager app which helps to clean up junk and effectively maintain the storage space on your device. It highlights the files which are huge in size and it also lets the users know about the files which have not been used in a long time. There is also an option to wirelessly share files to nearby devices! And then there is also a built-in traditional file manager (sort-of) which lets you categorically view the files on your device.

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Below are a few screenshots of the Google Files Go File Manager in Action:

Download Google Files Go APK for All Android Devices

The Google Play Store listing of the app was quickly removed, though, it is available for download. Click below to download Google Files Go APK for your phone:

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