Download HTC U11 Plus System Dump [Complete]

The System Dump is one of the important things if you are looking for the stock apps and other files that come with a phone. The system dump includes system apps, framework files, fonts, media files such as ringtones, notification tones and much more. The system dumps of a particular phone play an important role in building custom ROMs for that phone.

HTC U11 System Dump

Today, we have decrypted the RUU Files for the HTC U11 Plus and extracted the system images from there. Then we extracted the system.img file in order to get the Complete System Dump of HTC U11 Plus. You will get the below files with the system dump:

HTC-U11-Plus-System-DumpDownload the HTC U11 Plus System Dump

We have uploaded the HTC U11 Plus Full System Dump in a browsable format so that users can download the files easily. Click below to Download HTC U11 Plus System Dump:


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