There has always been some sort of unknown buzz around stock wallpapers from Android devices. And when it comes to biggies like the Galaxy S9, the expectation skyrockets. Looking for the Galaxy S9 wallpapers? Get your hands on the Galaxy S9 Stock Wallpapers for your Android device right now!

Update: Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus Wallpapers [Leaked] Added.

The announcement of the Galaxy S9 is just around the corner. Samsung’s official invitation for the next Unpacked event, where Galaxy S9 will be unveiled, is already out. Whenever there is a big phone announcement, there would be a lot of leaks and speculations going on about the device just before the announcement. We all know how the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus leaked like crazy before the official announcement last year. But this time around, there is no such interesting leaks. Sure, there are some leaks here and there. But nothing solid, you know, to get us all excited.

Galaxy S9 Stock Wallpapers

Whenever a new device is released, we try our best to bring you the stock wallpapers from the devices. Sometimes, we even bring you the wallpapers even before the actual device is released into the market. For example, last year, the complete collection of Galaxy S8 Wallpapers were available for download even before the actual device hit the stores. Don’t we just love leaks like this!

Just yesterday, Samsung formally invited everyone to their unpacked event via a wonderful gif invitation. You can take a look at it beautiful invitation below:


OEMs have mastered the art of ‘teasing’ in recent years. If you have noticed the above invitation, you could see that the ‘Galaxy S9’ is not mentioned anywhere, at all. But the number 9 is prominent and the invitation really emphasizes on the camera capabilities of the upcoming S line flagship.

Inspired by the above invitation, I have made a Galaxy S9 Wallpaper in 1440 x 2960 Pixels resolution. You can get it below right now!

Download Galaxy S9 Wallpapers

As stated above, at the moment, there isn’t much available at the moment. But it is just a matter of couple more days (or weeks?) before the real deal kicks in. Until then, here’s something I have designed (or edited?) for you.

Update: Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus Wallpapers [Leaked] Added.

Pro tip: Right Click > Save Open Image in New Tab for full resolution.

This article will be updated with more Galaxy S9 Stock Wallpapers as and when they become available; bookmark this page, maybe? 😉

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