How to Unbrick or Restore Galaxy A8 [Plus] 2018 to Stock Firmware

In this guide, we will learn how to Unbrick Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 and A8 Plus 2018 and also how to Restore Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8 Plus to Stock Firmware. You can easily restore Galaxy A8 [Plus] to stock Firmware with this guide if it is bricked.

Samsung launched the midrange beast or we can say it as the best budget smartphone this year which is none other than Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8 Plus 2018. Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8 Plus have the best in class specifications which make them stand out from the other smartphones launched this year.

Samsung devices have the security provided which is know as Knox. It is pretty hard to Root the Samsung Galaxy A8 or A8 Plus because of Knox. You can get your Galaxy A8/A8 Plus easily bricked while rooting it. If you have a doubt that you have bricked your Galaxy A8 or Galaxy A8 Plus you can identify it simply. Basically, there are 2 types

Unbrick Galaxy A8 and A8 Plus 2018

Bricking your device is one of those things that you will end up doing when you are a power user who loves to try out new custom ROMs or mods. First, we need to understand what kind of brick you have ended up into:

Hard Brick

A hard brick is a result of some hardware failure caused while you are trying to root or install a custom ROM on your device. If you Samsung Galaxy A8 or Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus is hard bricked your device will not boot into recovery mode or any mode. The booting key combination won’t work.

Soft Brick

 If you Samsung Galaxy A8 or Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus soft bricked it will let you boot your device into recovery mode. Frequent restarting of the device automatically, Unable to switch to the device are some cases.

So here is the best and fast solution to Unbrick your Samsung Galaxy A8 or Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus.


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Necessary Downloads

Note: We are not responsible for any damage caused to your device.

Steps to Unbrick and Restore Samsung A8 and A8 Plus [2018]

Step 1: Extract the Odin Zip file and Samsung Stock Firmware file.

Step 2: Now move the extracted Firmware file into the location where you extracted Odin zip file.

Step 3: Double click on odin.exe to run the tool.


Step 4: Boot your device into Download mode by,

  • Power off your device
  • Hold the Home + Power + Volume Down buttons simultaneously for 3-4sec(until you see a warning message on the screen).
  • Then press Volume up button to enter into the Download mode.


Step 5: Once your device is in download mode connect it to PC via USB cable and odin will prompt you Added message on the screen.

If you don’t get the Added message make sure the USB cable is working and try once again.

Step 6: Load the Firmware file into the Odin tool, To do so click on AP button > Select the file that ends with .md5

Step 7: Make some changes in the Options section of the Odin (located at the left). The box for re-partition is unchecked and only the Auto Reboot box is checked. keep all the boxes unchecked.


Step 8: Click on the Start button and the process of flashing stock firmware on your Galaxy A8 or A8 Plus will start. 

Step 9: Once you get the Pass message on Odin’s screen you are done. Your  Galaxy A8 or A8 Plus reboot and you will see the stock firmware on your device.

Congratulations! You have successfully learned How to Unbrick the Galaxy A8 and A8 Plus and Restore the Galaxy A8 and A8 Plus to Stock Firmware.

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