[Free] Best Substratum Themes for Android 2018

We all love to customize our Android devices. And what better way to do it than applying new themes? To make your life easier, here is an exclusive collection of the best Substratum themes for Android devices. If you have been looking for really good best free substratum themes, this article is just for you.

When Android was originally introduced, there were not much customization options apart from installing launchers and changing wallpapers. As time went by, Android evolved. The Android ecosystem grew big in size and so did the amazing Android community. While some OEMs provide an option to change themes on Android devices out of the box, most do not. When CyanogenMod was around, we had CM Theme Engine (based T-Mobile Theme Chooser) which was doing a pretty great job. But then again, to use CM Theme Engine, you had to flash a custom ROM. There was always a void left in the Android theming space. And Substratum did a very good job filling that void. Today, we are bringing you the best substratum themes for Android devices.

Best Substratum Themes

Substratum is a theme engine which can be installed on any Android device with OMS (Overlay Manager Service) support. Stock Android and most custom ROMs and even Samsung’s latest Samsung Experience support Substratum. If you have not already got substratum, then you should definitely give it a shot.

Without further waiting, here comes the list of best free substratum themes for Android.


BalticUI for Substratum
BalticUI for Substratum
Developer: YAcreates
Price: Free

BalticUI is a beautifully designed Material Designed Substratum theme. The flat look throughout the system UI looks and feels extremely nice. The blue accent color nicely accents the flat matt black look of the theme.



Ice is a pure white theme with beautiful pastel accent colors and 28+ themed apps. If you are a fan of light themes, then this one is for you. You would see the blinding white color beautifully accented by the blue color everywhere.


Pixel UI

[Substratum] Pixel UI
[Substratum] Pixel UI
Developer: xdnax Apps
Price: Free

Pixel UI is a simple and lightweight Substratum theme which only themes Framework-res, SystemUI, Settings and Google Play Store. The themes looks like a blend between Pixel UI and Stock Android UI. If you have been looking for a clean and simple substratum theme that does not touch the other individual apps, this one is for you.

Sai’s Oreo Theme

Sai’s Oreo Themes is one of the most beautiful substratum themes available for Android at the moment. Note that this is a dark themes, perfect for those who has devices with AMOLED screens or those who just love black. On top of the dark theme, there are options to choose from a list of different accent colors.

DNA Project

[Substratum] DNA Project
[Substratum] DNA Project
Developer: xdnax Apps
Price: Free+

The DNA Project is also a dark theme with a lot of accent colors to choose from. You can choose between two base themes – grey and pure black. And did we mentioned there are a lot of accent colors to choose from?


Nova UI Theme

[Substratum] Nova UI Theme
[Substratum] Nova UI Theme
Developer: CyTech
Price: Free

Nova UI is a dark substratum themes that, apart from basic system theming, also themes a lot of others system apps and third party apps such as messaging, twitter, chrome etc. If you want to go all-in with theming your Android device, this is a good choice.


Pixel Theme

If you want to experience what the UI of Google Pixel phones look and feel like, then this is the one to go with. Apart from offering a Pixel UI blue accent, there are also a handful of other accent colors to choose from. The navigation bar is also themed which is a nice addition.

Those were our picks for the best Substratum themes for 2018. Mind you, all of these are absolutely free substratum themes. Download them all – try them – keep the ones that fit your needs/taste!

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