Download Nokia Online Service Tool [OST LA 6.0.4] with Patch

Nokia Online Service Tool is the Nokia’s PC Software to flash stock firmware on Nokia devices. It is always good to know how to flash stock firmware on your device. OST Tool can install stock firmware on Nokia Android devices such as Nokia 8, Nokia 9, Nokia 2, Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 6. Read ahead to download Nokia OST Tool.

Nokia made a much-expected comeback last year with a bunch of Android devices. According to recent news, Nokia is already the 5th largest Android OEM by sales numbers, which is pretty impressive. As with any Android device, it is always a good idea to know how to manually install/flash stock firmware on your Nokia device.

Adding to that, whenever a big update is rolled out, you need not have to wait for the OTA to arrive at your device, rather, you can manually download and flash the full firmware. In this guide, we will tell you how to properly install the Nokia Online Service Tool so that you can seamlessly install stock firmware on your Nokia device.

Nokia OST Tool

Nokia-Online-Service-Tool (2)

The Nokia Online Service Tool shortly referred to as Nokia OST Tool is a windows software application program used to install stock firmware on Nokia Android devices. This could be seen as Odin (Samsung) for Nokia devices.

Download Nokia OST Tool (Online Service Tool)

How to Install Nokia OST Tool

  1. Download both the packages from the downloads section above.
  2. Extract both the zip files.
  3. Open the Nokia OST Tool Folder. You will find an executable file named ‘Launcher‘. Double click it to install the Nokia OST Tool on your Windows PC.
  4. The tool will be installed in the below location on your PC:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\OST LA\
  5. Open the folder named Nokia OST Tool Patch. You will find an executable file named OnlineUpdateTool.
  6. Go to the folder where OST Tool is installed.
  7. Paste the copied file into the folder. You will be asked whether to replace the existing file – replace it.Nokia-OST-Tool
  8. Delete the file named ‘OnlineUpdateTool.exe.config’.
  9. Done!

You have successfully installed Nokia Online Service Tool. You can now use this tool to flash stock firmware on your Nokia Android device. This is the easiest way to install Nokia OST Tool on your Windows PC.

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20 thoughts on “Download Nokia Online Service Tool [OST LA 6.0.4] with Patch”

  1. please help me, its asking account and password, how to fix it? i have done replaced the patch

  2. hola a la gente de nokia 6 tengo un problema bastante grave no me prende mas el celular aparese en pantallia esto ,/ ningun comando ) con la imajen del android quiero pedirles una ayuda ase menos de un año que tengo el equipo y ya con fallias . espero respuestas o como reparar , gracias luis

  3. Hi, I followed the instructions, replaced the patch, deleted the config file, but when I run the program, the config file that I deleted previously shows up , and the I get the login/password screen again.

  4. HELP!… This Nokia OST can bring my Nokia 3 OS back as I purchase
    I tried to update manually to Oreo 8.0 Beta Via SD Update but I’m stuck in

    Android Recovery

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