How to Disable Bixby Button on Galaxy S9/S9+

If you have been looking for a way to completely disable Galaxy S9 Bixby button, we have got you covered. Bixby, Samsung’s new Voice Assistant, is not something that everyone would love. In this article, we will tell you how to disable Galaxy S9+ Bixby button without any additional apps!

Last year, Samsung introduced its own AI-powered voice assistant, Bixby. Bixby was supposed to replace Google Assistant which everyone seems to love. Half-baked products never really go down well with the users and Bixby is no exception. When the Bixby was introduced, there was no voice activation support on it. I mean, you were not able to summon Bixby by speaking a keyword (like ‘OK Google’ for Google Assistant). By that time, Google Assistant was already a hit among the masses.

Samsung Bixby

Plus, users don’t really like it when you push something down their throat. Samsung made the huge mistake of not providing an option to disable Bixby Button initially. Samsung was under fire by the community for this and it even tried to patch any workaround that was found to disable the Bixby button. Eventually, they had to give in. They gave us an option to disable the infamous Bixby button.

Steps to Disable Galaxy S9 Bixby Button

  1. Launch Bixby by pressing the Bixby button.
  2. On the top, you will see a Setting icon. Tap it.Disable-Galaxy-S9-Bixby-Button
  3. You will now be presented with the Bixby Button hidden menu. Tap on the Toggle button on the right corner to fully disable Galaxy S9 Button.
  4. Done!

You now have successfully disabled Bixby button on Galaxy S9/S9+. You do not need any additional software or apps to disable Bixby button on Galaxy S9/S9+. This simple trick should get rid of the Bixby button for good. This is the easiest way to disable Bixby button on Galaxy S9/S9+.

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