Top 5 Best Sports Streaming Sites of 2018

If you are looking for the best free sports streaming sites/services available on the internet, please read ahead this article to find out the top 5 best Sports streaming sites/services available out there.

Sport is an inevitable part of the life of the new generation.But people nowadays are busy with their own work and it is difficult for them to watch the performance of their favorite players during the live matches on the Television.In such situation, we feel highly disappointed for missing some crucial games or events.

In order to tackle this issue, there are a number of Sports Streaming live or recorded services available on certain websites which most of them are unaware of. Hence if we have a high-speed internet connection on our personal gadgets like Smartphones, we can be able to watch those Sports programmes directly from our own phone, without using the TV or going to the stadium.

Sports streaming sites are a type of web portals where you have access to all the post-game recordings or live matches, Now it is better for us to have a clear-cut idea of best sports streaming sites which you can visit today.

Best Sports Streaming Sites

1 )


First of all, let us know the details of the site.The prominent thing to be noted is that one can watch the live stream of almost any sports event.If you take the homepage it will have access towards the matches which are available to watch live and all details regarding sports category and about the team players are available on these websites. It is also to be noted that all the contents are available in HD formats and the sites survive by displaying advertisement, so consider using the Adblock tricks before accessing this site and there are also some readily accessible multiple mirrors are available in this website.

2) From hot


The next popular site that we can visit to watch basketball, football, hockey, tennis, baseball, Motorsports, golf etc is fromhot.It is a free sports streaming website and it stands top in the matter of clarity and the quality of the content.The user interface of this site is also very clean and responsive, As in the case of the stream to watch ru site we have seen its homepage containing live matches, so this feature is also applicable to this website. It is a freely available site, it does have a much higher popularity compared to other websites and the main attraction point of this site is that we need not spend a single penny to stream services.

3) Watch ESPN

Another important channel that deals with sports is Watch ESPN.It is one of the best and popular freely available sports streaming site if you’re into US sports.The most attractive thing about this site is that it is free from annoying advertisements and One can easily watch their favorite sports item without any interruptions from the advertisements.The user interface is quite remarkable and responsiveness is miles better than some of the Sports streaming websites out there, The main speciality of this website is that it also has an official app for Android and IOS users, therefore  there is a choice in watching sports even when you are stuck at the airport or other remote areas

4)VIP league


As the term itself indicates, one may have doubt that it is intended for the VIP’s but there is nothing to afraid of the VIP name.It is a free site and there is no need to pay a single penny to stream sports services. It is also the best and popular sports streaming site, the main limitation of this site is that it is blocked in some countries by the respective ISP  in those countries.

However, one can easily bypass and stream the sports services by using the service of a VPN application.The peculiar thing to be noted about this site is that it is the only site  that can change the themes on the website and also  the user interface of the site is clean and responsive, in case if you don’t like the user interface, nothing to be worried, you have the choice of changing it accordingly to your liking.VIP league provides you information regarding sports categories, team player details etc.The homepage contains all the live stream and can watch quickly and you can easily stream your favorite sports events like football, basketball, baseball and many more sports events.

5) Laola1


After analyzing all the above sites, we come across another site popularly known as Laola1.Comparing to other sites the Laola1 is a simple one as it doesn’t have any complex methods to stream the sports services.It works well with an HD streaming quality, As we watch it we feel as if we were in a new sports world where we can see our favorite players performing their task.The site has an excellent modern user interface which isn’t complicated as compared to other sports streaming sites.It also offers football, hockey volleyball, table tennis and much more.

The bar which is visible on the website will help us to know the details of all the live sports events happening around the world.


Now we got a clear idea about all the sports streaming sites available on our websites which offer free sports streaming event. The common features of these sites are as follows, First of all, they are free and hence we need not pay a single penny to watch it.

This enables them to become popular among the mass and another feature is that it provides us to watch all the matches live and also one can watch the recorded events of almost any sports events.If any of these sites are not working properly you can try it by connecting to a VPN network application. Also, most of these sites prefer HD quality, Therefore the speed of your internet connection must be faster.

Those were our picks for the best free sports streaming sites. Did we miss any of your favorite sites? Do let us know in the comments below!

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