dr.fone Recover (iOS) – The Best iTunes Backup Extractor [Review]

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. A little confession, I absolutely love my iPhone. At this time and age, we depend on our phones for almost everything. Capturing memories via photos and videos, communicating, buying a book or renting a cab – almost everything is just a tap away. So, what happens when you accidentally lose your beloved iPhone? It is always good to have a backup. What is even better? An efficient way to restore those backups. Meet dr.fone Recover (iOS) – The Best iTunes Backup Extractor for all your iOS device backup/restore needs!

dr.fone Recover (iOS) – iTunes Backup Extractor

iTunes is an integral part of any iOS users’ life. Apple has made sure that we have to depend on it for almost everything. From transferring music to backing up photos from that awesome trip you had last summer, you need iTunes. Let’s face it – iTunes is a closed book, just like iOS. We all do wish that it was just a little bit more… flexible. And having to depend on iTunes for everything is a bit of a bummer.

dr.fone Recover (iOS) doubles as an iTunes Backup Extractor and let you restore data from your existing iTunes Backups.

The dr.fone iOS Toolkit is the solution to the seemingly never-ending problem we have been facing since the inception of iOS. It is just like iTunes, but, better. The dr.fone iOS Toolkit is a suite of software which offers a way to effectively manage your iOS device. Among the many features of the Toolkit, the one thing I love the most is the Recovery one. Why? Because with dr.fone Recover (iOS) also acts as an iTunes Backup Extractor. That’s right, you can not only recover/restore data from the backups made from dr.fone tool but also from your existing iTunes backups. After trying out a bunch of iTunes Backup Extractor software, I find dr.fone Recover (iOS) to be the most useful thus far. We shall why in the coming sections.

Download and Installation

The traits of a great tool start showing right from the very beginning. The dr.fone Recover (iOS) is pretty lightweight to download – just 977 Kb in size! The installation is pretty straight-forward and easy. You just need to follow the onscreen instructions and voila, the tool is installed in a matter of seconds. A+ for keeps things clean and to the point! You can download the tool by clicking below:

Connecting Your Device

While this may not feel like an important aspect, this is where I have faced a lot of problem with other tools. You just cannot get your iPhone to communicate with the tool. Every other iTunes Backup Extractor tool I have tried so far has had some sort of hiccups when it comes to communicating properly with my iPhone initially.

Connecting iPhone with dr.fone Recover (iOS)

But that is not the case with dr.fone Recover (iOS). The whole process was seamless. You even get onscreen help instructions, just in case. Neat.

When you try to connect your iPhone with dr.fone Recover, you will need to carry out these two steps:

  1. You will get a prompt on your device as follows: dr-fone-8Simply tap on ‘Trust‘.
  2. Next, you will be asked to enter your passcode for confirmation. dr-fone-9Simply enter your passcode to confirm trusting (your) computer.


Once your iOS device is successfully connected to dr.fone Recover tool, you will be presented with three options.

  1. Recover from iOS Device: If you have accidentally deleted any photos or videos or contacts or messages from your iOS device, you can easily recover them directly from your device using this option.
  2. Recover from iTunes Backup File: This iTunes Backup Extractor feature let you restore all or only selected part of the backup to your device from your existing iTunes backups.
  3. Recover from iCloud Backup File: This feature allows you to all or only selected part of the backup to your device from your iCloud Backup File.

How to Use dr.fone Recover (iOS) as an iTunes Backup Extractor?

As I stated at the beginning of the article, this is one of my most favorite features of the tool. Apart from providing an efficient way to natively backup/restore iOS data, it also doubles as an iTunes Backup Extractor. The tool lets your seamlessly restore data from your existing backups!

  1. Launch the dr.fone Recover (iOS) tool.
  2. Choose the second option: Recover from iTunes Backup File.
  3. You will be presented with the list of all the existing iTunes Backups. Simply select the backup you wanna restore and click on Start Scan at the bottom right corner.dr-fone-11
  4. The tool will start scanning your iTunes Backup.dr-fone-12
  5. Preview iTunes Backup Files: Right when the scan is in progress, you can click on and preview the files from the list.dr-fone-13
  6. Extract iTunes Backup Files: Here’s an interesting functionality of this iTunes Backup Extractor – it gives you the option to restore/extract the files to your computer and iOS device!dr-fone-14

Why is dr.fone Recover (iOS) Better Than iTunes?

The below table should give you a better idea on why dr.fone Recover (iOS) is just a better iTunes Backup Extractor tool than the iTunes itself:

dr.fone Recover (iOS) iTunes
Recover Deleted Files
Selective Restore
Preview Data
Restore to Computer

Final Thoughts

The internet is filled with a lot iTunes Backup Extractor tools. Some even pose as free but we strongly suggest you stay away from such “free” tools. More often than not, such iTunes Backup Extractor tools are filled with adware/malware.

If you have been looking for a solid iTunes Backup Extractor software to efficiently and easily handle file restores, then dr.fone Recover (iOS) is the right choice. The best part is, even if your iOS device is stolen, you can simply use the iTunes Backup Extractor feature of dr.fone Recover (iOS) tool and extract your precious data and store it on your computer, which is something not possible with traditional Apple iTunes.

Wondershare, the company behind this awesome product has been in the business for almost 15 years now and it evident from the customer testimonials that they are passionate and sincere about what they are doing! I have personally used and loved dr.fone Recover (iOS) and if you give it a try, I am sure you will too. Simply put, dr.fone Recover (iOS) is the best iTunes Backup Extractor out there!

Rating ★★★★★
Final Verdict Recommended

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