Xnspy Review: Your Smart Remote Monitoring Companion

The growing use of smartphones has also given life to the darker side of the communication world. The epicenter of cybercrimes is smartphones and portable technology. Cyberbullying, harassment, and exposure to inappropriate behavior online are few of the many dangers lurking around your son, daughter, spouse, or even an employee. There are also some ways to counter these dangers. One particular way to mitigate these online threats is to track and monitor the smartphones by using a monitoring app/ Today, we are discussing one such app that helps you to monitor the smartphone behavior of any person without direct intervention.

Xnspy Mobile Spying App for Android and iPhone

Xnspy is among the top 10 spying apps on the internet. There are several reasons why people choose Xnspy over any other app. It offers matchless compatibility and advanced features at a very affordable price. It can be used on both iPhone and Android and it is compatible with their latest operating systems. If you want to know what it can do, continue reading this review.

Xnspy Main Features

Xnspy has more than 35 features in its premium package. Following are the two features that we did find on any other spy app that we tested.

Xnspy Analytics:

Monitoring is all about getting the right information at the right time. You can’t just spare hours to navigate through all the information daily and look for the relevant leads. This is necessary especially if you are busy with the job. Xnspy makes it easier for you to get the important information in a more organized way so that you don’t have to spare time for extracting the information. Xnspy analytics gives you calls analysis in different forms. It will give you a list of top 5 numbers that called the most on the monitored phone in a given time. It will also give you a list of top 5 calls with most call durations.


Similarly, you are also provided with a punch card to see which day of a week was the busiest for the monitored phone in terms of calls. All this makes it easier for you to track and analyze the smartphone behavior.


Watchlist Alerts:

This is another handy feature when it comes to targeted monitoring. Xnspy mobile spying app offers you to make separate watch lists for words, contacts, emails, and even locations. For example, when you enter the word “kill” in a watch list, Xnspy starts monitoring this word and it will alert you instantly if the word appears on the phone. But more interesting is the geo-fencing feature. When you enter a location in the watch list, it starts tracking those locations and whenever the monitored phone enters or leaves the monitored locations, you are instantly notified.



The success of a mobile spying app depends on its compatibility with the top brands and latest versions of different mobile phone operating systems. While many apps boast to offer compatibility for the Blackberry, Windows and other operating systems, they don’t make a strong case as these systems have a negligible share in the market. And the two operating systems (Android, iPhone) that constitute the largest share in the market, are only supported till their older versions.

Even if an app offers compatibility for Android and iPhone, it often requires rooting or jailbreaking the device before installing the app. Xnspy has neither of these issues that’s why it ranks among the top spying apps in 2019. Forget about rooting and jailbreaking if you are using Xnspy. All you need to do is to subscribe to it and start using after a simple set up procedure.

If you are looking to use it on Android phone, then the good thing is that it supports the latest Android Oreo 8.0. But you can also use it on the previous versions as it supports them as well. As for the iPhone users, Xnspy has an edge over the other apps that it offers compatibility for the iOS 12.2. In fact, it was among the first few apps that came up with the latest iOS compatibility. On the other hand, it can also be used on the previous iOS versions and even the jailbroken iPhones. So you would find Xnspy among the top apps in terms of compatibility offered.


Usually, setting up mediocre spying apps is like inviting yourself to trouble. There is a lot to do and some of the companies also charge for installing services. But that’s not the case with Xnspy. This mobile spying app has a simple and streamlined setup process for both iPhone and Android. There are a few requirements before you proceed with the setup. You would need access to the monitored device once. Make sure to have an uninterrupted internet supply and before you arrange for all this, make sure you have subscribed to the Xnspy through its official site www.xnspy.com.

Here is how you can set up this mobile spy app on both iPhone and Android.

For Android users

  • After you have subscribed to the app, wait for an email that will be sent to your registered email ID.
  • This email will contain a download link, your account credentials, and some instructions.
  • Get hold of the monitored Android phone and use that link in your email on its browser to download Xnspy on the phone.
  • Install the app after it’s downloaded on the phon.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can hide Xnspy on the phone.

For iPhone users

Setting up Xnspy is even more convenient for the iPhone users. That’s because they do not need to install Xnspy manually. After subscribing to Xnspy’s iPhone version, you just have to turn on the iCloud backup on the monitored phone if it is not already turned on. For this, go to the iPhone settings and turn on the iCloud backup. After doing that, go to your Xnspy account and enter the iCloud credentials of the iPhone you wish to monitor. Your account will be paired with the monitored phone and you are ready to monitor now.

No matter which version of the app you are using, you have to wait around 24-48 hours until all the information is uploaded to your Xnspy account. After that, you can start using it.


Xnspy mobile spying app opens up to a nifty Dashboard that makes it easy for you to navigate through the features on your phone. There is a separate dashboard app for Android subscribers while the iPhone users can access the account online. For laptop or tab users, this dashboard screen is especially nice as it offers a widescreen navigation experience.

Having an interface like this gives you immediate access to all the important features just one tap away on your smartphone. The features are all lined up on the left side of the screen in a charcoal black theme. That’s why they are easily identified. To know about a feature, simply click on it and it will display all the recorded information in the center of the screen. You can switch easily between the features or make changes through the settings. Although all the information is secure and saved on your cloud account, there is also an option at the end of features list to import the data from your Xnspy account to your device.


The dashboard also displays information about the monitored device. You can see the battery percentage, their online status, and live location on your dashboard. Overall, the dashboard is clear and compact for the users.


With so many features packaged in this version, you must be thinking that it might cost you a fortune. Naturally, apps tend to get pricier the more advanced they get. But surprisingly, Xnspy has kept its pricing very competitive.

There are two packages to choose from: Basic and Premium. The Basic package is for those who want minimal monitoring. This package has basic level features which include access to contacts, calls data, SMS, etc. Since this package does not include other advanced features, the price is also low. You can subscribe to this package for as low as $8.33 per month when billed yearly.

The Premium package is packed with all the top spying features. It offers surround record, watch lists alerts, geo-fencing and all those features that we can expect from a top mobile spying app. You can get all this by paying just $12.49 per month for an annual package.

Both these packages are also available for monthly and quarterly durations besides annual subscription. But these will obviously cost you more than subscribing it for a long term. The only downside is that Xnspy does not offer any trial period. So if you want to know how it looks like and how to operate, you can go to their website where they have a demo version.


  • Compatibility for the latest versions of iOS and Android and no need to root or jailbreak the monitored phone.
  • Price is very competitive as compared to the other apps in the market.


  • They do not offer any trial version of the app and we hope they offer one soon. Until then, you can use the demo on their website.

Final Word

Xnspy delivers what it promises. The tracking features are advanced and record every single activity of the monitored phone without being detected. With an affordable price and compatibility for both iPhone and Android, Xnspy is an app for anyone looking to use a high-end monitoring solution.


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