How To Update Your Huawei/Honor Phone to EMUI 9?

Learn how you can easily update your Huawei or Honor device to EMUI 9 based on Android 9 Pie without waiting for Huawei to roll the OTA update.

EMUI is the custom skin on top of Android that powers most of the phones coming out from the Huawei or Honor stable. Android 9 “Pie” is the ninth major update and the 16th version of the Android operating system. It was released to the public on August 6, 2018. Android 9 Pie brings some radical changes in the design language of the Android’s user interface. Take for instance the recent apps screen and the volume controls. Going against the traditional vertical stacking of apps card in the recent apps menu, Android Pie brings horizontal stacking of recent apps card. Another radical introduction in Android Pie is the gesture-based navigation system.

EMUI 9 is Huawei’s take on Google’s Android 9 Pie. According to Huawei, EMUI 9.0 was born with a minimalist natural design to harmonize technology with humanity. This upgrade enables quality life and gives you an immersive experience with nature. The new upgrade provides system speed enhancements, greater AI capabilities and new ways to improve your everyday life. The under the hood optimizations enables the system to respond 25.8% faster than its predecessor, application startup is shortened by 102 ms and overall system fluency is increased by 12.9%. Saying so Huawei has incorporated its take on the gesture-based navigation system while not killing the traditional three-button navigation system. Horizontal recent apps can also be seen. There are a lot other subtle changes in the user interface that makes the UI fluid and more productive.

Huawei has started rolling out the EMUI 9 to some of its Huawei and Honor branded devices. To check for updates, go to settings, then tap on System followed by a tap on System Update. If an update has been rolled out for you, it will show up there.

But the OTA update is taking place in batches. This means that some users will receive it quickly and for others, it may take several weeks. If you are someone who is going crazy over the EMUI 9 update, here is how you can update your device to EMUI 9 based on Android 9 Pie without waiting for Huawei to roll the update for you over the air.

Method 1: Using Huawei eRecovery

Note: This method is safe to proceed until you have selected the wrong firmware for your device. If you try to flash wrong firmware and bricked your device, neither Themefoxx nor the writer will be responsible for it.
  1. Download and install Firmware Finder for Huawei by gmanrainy by Team MT from the Google Play Store.
  2. Once installed, open the app and let it detect your device model. Once detected, it will show the device model number on the screen. Make sure that the model number displayed is the model number of your device by going to “Settings” -> “System” -> “About Phone.” If the model number displayed is not the same as displayed in the About Phone section, select your model manually.
  3. Now, tap on your phone’s model number from the Firmware Finder app. You will be directed to a page with the list of firmware updates or builds ever released for your device.
  4. If the latest build matches the build of your phone, you need to wait for some more time for developers at Huawei to prepare the next firmware for your phone. You can check the build number of your phone by going through “Settings” -> “System” -> “About Phone.” If there is a new build available, tap on the next available build.
  5. Tap on “Get an update through eRecovery” followed by a tap on “Next” and then copy the DNS address.
  6. Change the DNS address of your router and reboot your router.
  7. Now, repeat steps 3,4 and 5.
  8. Connect your phone to a Wifi network and tap on Register Update and then tap Next.
  9. Now, shut down your phone and boot it into eRecovery mode by connecting your phone to the charger and pressing the power and volume up button simultaneously until a screen appears with a black background and “EMUI” written on it. Note: Honor boot up animation will appear first but you should not stop pressing the power and volume up button.
  10. Tap on “Download latest version and recovery.”

It will search for WiFi and will list the available WiFi, select the WiFi which you used to register your IP in step 8. It will proceed to download the selected firmware. Once the installation process is complete, your phone will reboot automatically.

Method 2: Using HiSuite and Huawei Installer

Note: Your PC must be running Windows 10 (64-bit) with the latest build and if you brick your device, neither Themefoxx nor the writer will be responsible for it.
  1. Download and install Huawei HiSuite on your Windows PC.
  2. Now, download Huawei Installer from the link appearing below and extract it.
  3. Now, connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable and choose Transfer Photos or Transfer Files.
  4. Make sure that HiSuite is not running in the background. You can open the Task Manager to do this job.
  5. Now, go to the location where you have extracted the Huawei Updater zip file and run launcher.exe.
  6. Now, HiSuite will open automatically. Click on Update. If any new firmware is available for your phone, it will showcase there. If available, tap on Update.

It will proceed to download the selected firmware. Once the installation process is complete, your phone will reboot automatically.

Congratulations! You just updated your Huawei or Honor phone to the latest firmware.

I have tested both of these methods on my Honor View 10 and in fact updated my phone from EMUI 8.0 to EMUI 9.0.

These are the easiest ways to install the latest firmware on Huawei or Honor phone. I hope this article works the way it is intended to beLet us know about your experience trying out the methods mentioned in this article in the comments section down below. In case I missed mentioning anything or if there is some topic which you want me to cover, please let me know in the comments section down below.

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