How To Create Fake Email Addresses In Seconds [Fake Email Sites]

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16 May 2020

If you are looking for list of fake email address sites to create temporary fake email address, then this article is just for you. In this article, we have handpicked a list of best fake email creation sites which will allow you to create fake email ids for free.


As we all know, just like your home address, the Email address is a personal identification. It is obviously annoying if someone is sending you unwanted packages or letters to your home address. Spamming is the same process but you get this letters virtually instead. Now almost all the sites ask to sign in to access the contents and some of them use our email for the purpose of advertisements or spamming.

The most obvious method to excuse out of this trend is by creating another Email address for your own so that you can avoid using your real Email address. But this comes with the headache of creating a new account, remembering new passwords, logging out and logging in between real and ‘fake’ Email addresses etc. You are at the right place if you are wondering how to escape from this mess. Here we discuss how to create fake Email addresses fast which can be fully functional and even do not ask your personal details to create Email ID.

How To Create Fake E-Mail Addresses In Seconds

You can easily create fake Email addresses within seconds and even create self-destructing Emails. All you have to do is to download some lite extensions or use particular websites for the same. Here we introduce the best fake Email creators.

1. 10 Minute Mail

10 Minute Mail

As the name suggests 10 Minute mail can provide you an Email address that can last for 10 minutes where you can use the mail for conventional Email purposes. After 10 minutes you can dispose of them. You can receive and send Emails via 10 Minute mail.

2. GuerrillaMail


GuerrillaMail has one of the easiest navigation options so that users can easily find options based on their purposes. The GuerrillaMail provides a temporary Email address which will be expired later. You can use it to send and receive Emails and also the main highlight is the option to send attachments up to the size of 150Mb.

3. Mailinator


Mailinator is a free inbox service where you can choose any names with a mailinator extension and use it as your Email ID. You can provide the email address given by the Mailinator and then receive the mail and access its contents. After a while, the Email Id and the messages received are expired.

4. Maildrop


Maildrop is a service similar to the Mailnator. The specialty of Maildrop in comparison with Mailinator is that it has an inbuilt spam filter. It can filter out the spam messages right before it even reaches your inbox. The user interface is great and you can easily create a temporary Email address and enjoy the services whenever you want.

5. Airmail


Airmail is a temporary Email address creation service. It provides features like Email alerts, Links to access Email from anywhere just by saving the link or adding the generated link to the bookmark. It also provides services like hiding the sender Email address and also temporary inboxes so that the contents of the inbox only last up to 24 hours after closing the window of Airmail.

6. ThrowAwayMail.

As the name suggests, you can simply throw away the mail after its use. It is a quick service that you can access easily. Right when you access the site, you will be provided with a random Email ID that you can give to any services and receive Email. After 24 hours there won’t be any trace of the messages you have received or the ID that you have used.

7. myTrashMail


myTrashMail is another service that you can use to create fake Email addresses and trash right after its use. By simply getting into their site you can choose from the active Email domains and create your Email ID on the go and you don’t have to log in or give any personal details. After a while, the mail ID can simply disappear into thin ‘air’.

8. HideMyAss


HideMyAss is another fake Email generator service where you can create anonymous Email addresses for using them on forums or subscribing newsletters where it is inevitable. You can click on ‘How it works’ icon in the site to understand the process. Here you can either keep or delete the Email address that is generated for you.

9. Dispostable

Using dispostable you can create a disposable Email address and use it where ever it is asked. The user interface is simple and minimalist. You can pick any username but the only thing is that it should end with ‘’. The Email ID will be expired after a certain amount of time.


Discard eMail is a free service where you can simply create a domain name and use it right away. You can receive and send Emails. You can discard it after the use. The domain name can be used in subscribing the newsletters or registering in services that you do not prefer providing a regular Email address.

11. Mail Catch

Mail Catch

Mail catch is another fake Email service that helps you to create totally anonymous Email ID. There is an inbuilt spam filtering on the website. You can opt for premium access to additional features. You can use a random name to get a domain address. The service is totally free and there is no need for any sign up for using its service

12. Fake Mail Generator

Fake mail Generator

Fake Mail Generator is a free service you can use to create fake Email addresses. The website is ad-free and you can create the Email Id fast without stress because the site automatically generates Email ID for you. The expiration limit can be fixed by the user.

13. Get Air Mail

Get Air Mail • How To Create Fake Email Addresses In Seconds [Fake Email Sites]
Get Air Mail

Get Air Mail is a free fake Email Id generator. The spam filter service can filter out the spams directed to your Email address. Safe HTML Email browsing is incorporated in the website service. The site is well designed and so it is easy to navigate.

14. Mailnesia


Mailnesia can be used to register in multiple websites where you do not wish to provide your primary Email. The process of creating Email Id is so fast and so you do not have to go through tiresome processes. All you have to do is to go to and you can sort it out easily.

15. Yop Mail

Yop Mail

Yop Mail is a free service which is a successful guard against phishing, spamming or unwanted advertisements. You can name your own domain names and it needs no password, no registration for accessing the contents. The messages are saved for 8 days before it gets erased automatically.

16. Nada


Nada is a free service like the services mentioned above. You can create a free fake Email address to register or to log in to not trusted websites. The Nada is built so clean and the navigation is easy and you can easily create an Email Id and use it fast.

17. Temp Mail


Temp mail one of the other best service that you can use to create a temporary anonymous email address. You can choose the domain name that you like and use them to send and receive Emails. The Temp Mail domain names are only going to stay for a small amount of time and it gets deleted after a specific amount of time.

18. Email Generator

Email Generator

Last but not least we have Email generator as the last one discussed here. The domain names are automatically generated for users ease and you can create unlimited domain names if you want. The service is totally free and hence you can filter out the spamming and phishing problems.

Final Words

The fake Email creators that are mentioned above are highly effective and efficient. The only warning is that one should not misuse these benefits for illegal purposes. If you do so you will be subjected to a legal proceeding. So it is better to play it safe.

Those are our picks for the best fake email address sites. You can create fake email address using these sites. Do let us know your experience in the comments!

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