How to Downgrade Android Apps to Older Version Without Losing Any Data

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23 May 2020

A detailed step by step guide to downgrade to an older version of an Android app without uninstalling and losing data. No root needed! Apps are one of the best things about smartphones today. Of course, there are many other things such as camera, video editing, calling and texting, etc. But the millions of apps in the Google Play Store make the Smartphone experience even richer. The apps in today’s market are coming with a faulty update and some of the updates are useless and not so user-friendly. Developers sometimes introduce useless features in the apps or remove one of the most used features in a new version. So downgrading the apps without uninstalling the could help a lot, because it lets you keep the app data intact. Unlike uninstalling and reinstalling an older in which process you will lose all the data. Read ahead to know how you can downgrade to an older version of an app without uninstalling and losing data.



Steps to Downgrade Apps on Android without Root

Step 1: After downloading and installing the ADB and fastboot tool, download the downgraded version of the apk which you want to install and paste the APK in ADB and fastboot tool’s folder.

how-to-downgrade-apps-on-androidStep 2: Now open a command window here by

Holding Shift key + Right Click and select Open command window here


Step 3: Once you open the command window type the following commands

adb push nova.apk /sdcard/nova.apk
adb shell pm install --/sdcard/nova.apk

Step 4: Now let’s check if it is done or not, just go to app info and check that you will see that the version of the app will be downgraded. how-to-downgrade-apps-on-android

Congratulations! You have successfully learned How to Downgrade the app versions on Android device.

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