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23 May 2020

As many of you guys already know, Google has recently announced the next version of Android, Android O and the first version of Developer Preview is already available for download for a bunch of Nexus and Pixel devices. The latest Android version focuses primarily on Notification management, power management and also introduces several new APIs which the developers can make use of, to offer a better/rich experience for their users. As with all the new releases in the Android world, we are slowly starting to new apps being back ported to work on other versions and all devices. And the latest addition to that list is the Pixel Launcher from Android O Developer Preview, thanks to the user linuxct over at XDA Forums!

android o pixel launcher all devices • Download Android O Pixel Launcher for any Android Device

Get the latest one here: [6.0.1+]Download Android O Developer Preview 2 Pixel Launcher

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This app does not need root to work. Please note that this app needs Android Version 6.0.1 or newer to work properly.

What’s new?

Users (and me) are still exploring what’s new in the latest Android O Pixel Launcher and below are the findings so far:

  • You can swipe up anywhere in the homescreen area to open the app drawer. In previous versions, you have to swipe in the dock area.
  • Support for Landscape mode.
  • The navigation keys go dark when pulling up the Pixel launcher’s app drawer.
  • More coming.

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Download Android O Pixel Launcher for any Android Device:

Now, without boring you any further with the details about Android O Developer Preview, here’s the download link for the latest Android O Pixel Launcher. Click below to download:

Android O Pixel Launcher | 2.3 MB

If you have root, you can install this as a system app and even get the ‘Swipe right to get Google Now’ feature! Instructions included below.

Install Android O Pixel Launcher for any Android Device:

Just download the APK file and tap on the downloaded file to install it as normal APK.

Things to keep in mind before installing:

  • As this is the modified version of the official Pixel launcher, you need uninstall the old launcher before installing this version.
  •  When the app is first opened, it will exit automatically. Don’t worry, this is expected. Open it again, it will work fine.

Get Google Now Support:

While all the other features work flawlessly without root, ‘Swipe Right for Google Now’ needs root to work.

To enable ‘Swipe left to get Google Now’, you need to install the app as system app. Follow the below steps:

  1. Open the root file manager of your choice. I recommend using ES File Explorer (cos it’s free).
  2. Go to the root directory of your phone.
  3. Copy the downloaded APK file. Go to system > app and paste the file there.
  4. Change permissions of the file you just copied and set it to ‘rw-r–r–‘. Refer the screenshot below:system-app-permissions-themefoxx
  5. Reboot the phone for the changes to take effect.

Now your Pixel Launcher will have Google Now Support.

Install Google Pixel Launcher Wallpaper Picker:

You also need to install the below app to get the most out of the Pixel Launcher. This app enables you change wallpaper from inside the Pixel Launcher itself.

Click below to download the add-on wallpaper picker for Google Pixel Launcher:

Wallpaper Picker Add-on | 2.51 MB

So, that’s about it, for now, folks, more to come in the future!

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