How to download Apps (.APK files) from Google Play Store on PC

14 May 2020 | |

If you look at the Apple/iOS ecosystem, they have this tool called iTunes. iTunes is an absolute must if you own an iDevice. While it is a total pain in the ass sometimes to be completely dependant on your PC/Mac to copy/transfer data on your mobile device, it does have some pros too. For example, you can backup all your downloaded apps to your PC and restore them anytime you want to your phone in a single click. Sounds great, right?

Have you ever thought of/tried downloading an app from Google Play Store on your PC? Or storing the app files in PC for backup? Imagine if you have installed a Custom ROM and you don’t have Google Play Store in it what will you do to install apps on your device? Here’s the answer to these problems you can download apps directly from Google Play Store on your computer/PC. Raccoon is, in a way, an iTunes for Android. Except for the fact that it only helps to download APK files directly from Google Play Store to PC and backup them on your PC. In simple words, it is a Google Play Store App (.apk) downloader for PC! Read ahead to know more.

Download Apps (.APK files) Directly from Google Play Store on PC

Necessary Downloads

There are two necessary downloads in order to achieve what we are looking for. One is the actual tool that downloads the.APK files to your PC and the other is ‘Java’ which is required by the APK downloader tool.

Note: Only install Java if you have not already installed. If it is already installed, then no need to install it again.

Below are the downloads:


Raccoon – APK downloader tool

Steps to download APK files from Play Store

Follow the below steps carefully:

  • Make sure Java is installed on your PC.
  • Install/Run the ‘Raccoon’ tool on your PC by executing the .exe file you have downloaded from the downloads section

  • Now you will see a window asking for E-mail Id and Password. Fill the details with your Google Play Store’s E-mail Id and Password and click Next.

  • After clicking on Next, you will see two options. Select the Register a new pseudo device option and click Next.

  • Now you will see a search bar on the top. Search for the app you want (I have searched for ’emulator’) and click on the app (i have clicked on PPSSPP emulator). You will see information about that app on the left side.

  • You can download this app by pressing the Download button at the bottom right corner.Let the download complete. Your downloading screen will look like this

  • You can see the apps you downloaded by click on View > My apps.

  • To transfer the app’s .apk file to your device you can click on the app (I will be clicking on PPSSPP emulator app) and then click on Show files you will see .apk file. Copy it and transfer it to your device. Install the .apk file and enjoy.

You can download and save as many APK files as you want on your PC with this tool.

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  1. yes, but the laptop am using is for my school and I don’t know if the apps willl work because I am downloading them but saying error

    • After reading you command, i just installed it on my PC and tried once again. It is working PERFECTLY all right and did not ask for any unlock key at all. I was even able to download an app directly to my PC without any issues. In which step exactly are you being asked for an ‘Unlock Key’? Can you post a screenshot perhaps?


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