Group Messaging on Android: The Ultimate Guide

Group messaging or group text is a way of sending a single message to a group of people via either the SMS or Multimedia Messaging Services. Even before Android came out, this kind of messaging service was available. The text group is not the same as the chat group. Group chat is essentially more defined for the use of the internet connection, whereas group text, through cellular services, is more a message system.

Start Sending Group Text Using Android Smartphone


Follow these simple steps to send Group Messages on your Android mobile;

  1. Launch your local “Messaging” app to send a group text on your Android phone.
  2. The messaging app comes on your device by default and you do not need to install it via third-party sources.
  3. This does not involve the WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger app or any messaging app using an Internet connection for sending messages.
  4. Create a new message.
  5. Tap on the “Contact Icon” when selecting contacts. Select the individual contacts to which you wish to send your message (this may vary per device and is best to explore).
  6. Once finished, begin typing and send your message to all your selected contacts.

Isn’t that easy? But this method alone is not a group message of any kind. This method is basically a simple way to send text messages to a group of people. Your message answers or replies will only be transmitted to you, not the group you or your friend have created.

Group Text Messaging on iOS Devices


When it comes to the group interface, Apple’s iPhones have a different approach–the less complex, the better. You get a different experience from Android by starting a group text on the “iMessage” app on an iPhone. Each message sent will be sent via a message server owned by Apple. This means that group messages via SMS are treated as group chat messages sent via the internet.

Want To Send Group Messages Using Android Smartphone

Let’s first clarify a few things before anything else. Basically, mass text or group texts send a text to several recipients. Any replies, however, will not be received by all. This type of scenario is expected because SMS protocol is used for mass text or group texts.


Group Messages basically refer to the sending of a message to a select group of contacts. Each group member would then have a privilege and have the right to see all the answers in the group. So what’s the point of this, you might be asking? For this sole purpose, we already have WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Now the answer is straightforward. Group messaging is great in areas that have a poor data connection. Group message is, therefore, a great alternative to communicate with a group of people in poor to zero data signals.

Group Messages Settings to MMS

For using group messages in its full glory on Android, MMS protocol is required. Go to Settings of your default message application to change Group message settings to MMS. Continue to Advanced option. Make sure you check the “Group MMS” option under Group Messaging. This changes the global action, as you try to send multiple recipients an SMS message so group text passes through the MMS protocol.


Additional configuration requirements include turning ON the “Automatic MMS Download” should also be made. Basically, it eliminates the irritating notification when a member responds to the group.


When everything is set and done, group messages on Android can be started and enjoyed. In addition, your standard SMS app now allows you to do group messages.

NOTE: Some mobile providers may consider sending messages to your monthly data via MMS. Sending messages may cost you money if you exceed your data limit.

Best Apps For Group Messaging on Android

Here is the list of best Android Apps for group messaging on Android Smartphones.

Messages – Google’s official app for texting (SMS, MMS) and chat (RCS)


If you want the Google SMS messaging application to stock it, then Google’s App will allow you for stock SMS messaging with Android. Don’t be fooled with the minimal layout. All the SMS messaging features, including group messaging, you need in a clean application, are included here. When it’s a default messaging app, it gives you the look and feel of Android stock messaging app.

Handcent Next SMS


Handcent was one of the first solid SMS applications available and it is not surprising that many people are still using it today. The app is now available via Handcent Next SMS. The great thing about this application is that it contains many features, including group messages, stickers and more.



GroupMe is one of the most popular group messaging applications. Whether you’ve made a group message in one way or another on the internet, on MMS or on SMS, the app doesn’t matter. GroupMe is developed by Microsoft, but it’s a great multi-purpose messaging application.

Textra SMS


Textra SMS is one of the best SMS apps available. The customizability and a solid list of features are the keys to its popularity. Textra is one of Google Play’s most highly rated SMS apps. Many people are satisfied with the app and, of course, group messaging is among its features. Android Wear, Pushbullet, MightyText, and other apps also make the app fun, so it’s no wonder that you need to pay USD$2.99 to get the functions right. That said, it is a strong messaging app with most free-to-use features.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Send Group Texts from Android to iPhone?

As long as the MMS settings are configured properly, you should be able to send group messages to any of your friends, even if they are using an iPhone. When a group message is sent from Android using MMS, Apple will also use MMS via the iPhone user’s mobile carrier. Then the message will be displayed as a reply to the group via the iMessage app.

How to Disable Group Messaging on Android?

To disable group messaging on Android: Go to Settings > Advanced. Under the Group Messaging section, make sure you change the selection to the “mass text” option. Once done, group messaging is disabled for Android.

Why Replies in the Group Message Come as an Individual Text?

When this issue occurs, this could mean only one thing: The group messaging protocol could still be set to mass text (SMS) instead of “group MMS”. When you send a group message that is a mass text, your phone uses the SMS protocol, and so replies will come to you only, and they come as individual text messages. But group messaging needs ‘MMS’

How to Leave Group Message, or Stop Receiving Messages from a Certain Group?

Honestly, you can’t leave a group message thread or you can’t really delete yourself from a group messaging session.

The best you can do is stop receiving notifications from groups or a particular group. To do this, open your messaging app > hold down on the specific group message. Toggle the notification settings so your phone won’t receive any notification when messages come in.

Final Words

Problems With Group Messaging on Android

The configuration of your phone for group messages presents a few problems. The most important aspect that really affects the overall user experience is the failure to add new contacts to already existing groups. But it’s possible with chat apps like Facebook Messenger while with standard Android group messages, it is impossible. You must start from the very beginning by manually adding the new members you want to add to each of the previous group.

So, that would be our Ultimate Guide for Group Messaging on Android.

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