Download Sense 9 HTC Clock Widget APK for All Devices

| 23 May 2020 |

In the Android Universe, no two devices different devices from different manufacturers look like in the terms of software. Customization being the core of Android, every manufacturer modifies and customizes Android as per their wish. They add more functionality, new features and completely overhaul the look and feel of the device. Even though all of them are Android, manufacturers often call the UI by different names. For example, Samsung calls its UI as Samsung Experience (formerly TouchWiz). Similarly, HTC has its own name for its UI and it called Sense UI. The latest version of the Sense is the Sense 9 which shipped with the HTC U11. Today, we are bringing you the HTC Sense 9 Clock Widget APK extracted from the HTC U11 which can be installed on all Android devices. Read ahead to know more and download HTC U11 Clock Widget APK.

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HTC Clock Widget

The HTC clock widget not only displays time but also the weather and location information. You might as well call it HTC Clock and Weather Widget! Below are a few screenshots of the HTC Clock and Weather widgets:

Download HTC Clock Widget APK for All Devices

You can download the HTC Clock and Weather Widget APK for All devices by clicking below:

Install HTC Clock Widget APK for All Devices

Follow the below steps:

  • Download all the 5 APKs from the links given above. If you miss to install any of the APKs, the clock and weather widget might misbehave!
  • Install them all one by one as normal APK files.
  • Add the widget to your home screen.
  • Enjoy!

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